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Peg Meaning

Peg is a noun, peg meaning attach

Peg synonyms

join, secure, fasten, pin, clinch, tighten, make fast, fix

Peg antonyms

unfasten, let go, release, loose, detach, loosen

What does pain mean?

Peg related words

verb. judge, estimate

read, look over, calculate, adjudge, examine, eye, have one’s number, check out, price, guesstimate, evaluate, figure, review, size, take account of, survey, figure out, gauge, rate, peg, deem, audit, assess, value, figure in, check, set at, valuate, inspect, assay

verb. make sure

discover, check read more

Pain Meaning

Pain is a noun, pain meaning physical suffering

Pain synonyms

sickness, ache, burn, torture, crick, malady, tenderness, throb, smarting, tingle, throe, laceration, gripe, wound, spasm, paroxysm, torment, twinge, misery, sting, trouble, affliction, illness, stitch, strain, hurt, soreness, fever, distress, convulsion, catch, cramp, pang, agony, prick, injury, irritation, discomfort

Pain antonyms

aid, pleasure, cheer, benefit, assistance, ease, peace, help, good health, relief, blessing, advantage, health, comfort, wellness, read more

Nag Meaning

Nag is a verb, nag meaning harass, bother

Nag synonyms

vex, hector, carp at, heckle, upbraid, scold, nudge, work on, tease, bug, irritate, annoy, berate, worry, ride, fuss, urge, torment, harry, badger, prod, provoke, hound, importune, bait, irk, egg, pester, give a hard time, dog, needle, take it out on, plague, eat, pick at, find fault, goad

Nag antonyms

aid, assist, assuage, compliment, praise, support, make happy, please, discourage, help, soothe, dissuade, delight

what does quell mean?

Nag related words

verb. attack with words

offend, read more

Quell Meaning

Quell is a verb, quell meaning defeat, suppress

Quell synonyms

silence, extinguish, stifle, crush, put down, sit on, overcome, overpower, kill, stop, shut down, vanquish, stamp out, queer, subdue, conquer, hush up, put the lid on, annihilate, subjugate, quench

Quell antonyms

disturb, aggravate, compliment, yield, irritate, build up, agitate, help, surrender, release, praise, encourage, start, perturb, begin, succeed, win, lose

What does narration mean?

Quell related words

verb. lessen, grow or cause to grow less

hang easy, unlax, dull, go with read more

Narration Meaning

Narration is a noun, narration meaning description, reading

Narration synonyms

rehearsal, telling, storytelling, voice-over, anecdote, recital, recounting, explanation, tale, report, account, recountal, story, relation, narrative, yarn

Narration antonyms

suppression, concealment

What does decree mean?

Narration related words

noun. written description of past events

take, story, version, make, recital, the picture, narrative, narration, report, run-down, blow by blow, the whole picture, play by play, lowdown, chronicle, annal, tale, history, detail, bulletin, read more

Decree Meaning

Decree is a noun, decree meaning mandate, legal order

Decree synonyms

ukase, bidding, edict, declaration, prescript, charge, the word, pronouncement, ruling, rap, commandment, decretum, proclamation, command, judgment, directive, behest, dictum, order, regulation, the riot act, say, precept, enactment, instruction, rule, ordinance, statute, law, injunction, charging, direction, act, promulgation, announcement

Decree antonyms

lawlessness, disorganization, answer

What does sail mean?

Decree related words

noun. legislative document

law, order, ordinance, read more

Sail Meaning

Sail is a verb, meaning of sail travel through water, air; guide

Sail synonyms

set sail, motor, embark, reach, voyage, steer, cross, scud, sweep, move, leave, fly, skim, run, captain, make headway, boat, soar, skipper, cast anchor, shoot, skirr, cruise, dart, tack, float, get under way, flit, wing, weigh anchor, cast off, drift, put to sea, navigate, pilot

Sail antonyms

remain, go, land, walk, stay, stop

What does banter mean?

Sail related words

verb. come into being; become functional

derive from, appear, kick off, get under way, stem from, read more

Banter Meaning

Banter is a noun, banter means teasing

Banter synonyms

chaffing, play, mockery, kidding, ribbing, persiflage, raillery, dissing, jeering, gossip, small talk, chitchat, ridicule, badinage, joking, fun, joshing, jesting, repartee, chaff, exchange, derision

Banter antonyms

praise, work, flattery

What does knot mean?

Banter related words

noun. joking around

joking, asteism, repartee, banter, raillery, persiflage, kidding, fool, teasing, joshing, ribbing

verb. attempt to coax; flatter

urge, mislead, snow, con, tantalize, push, sweet-talk, build read more

Knot Meaning

Knot is a noun, The meaning of knot in English dictionary is bow, loop 

Knot synonyms

snag, vinculum, ligament, bunch, kink, perplexity, twirl, spiral, bond, link, warp, hitch, helix, gnarl, coil, tie, ligature, nexus, yoke, entanglement, whorl, screw, tangle, rosette, connection, snarl, joint, mat, contortion, splice, braid, whirl, twist

Knot antonyms

simplicity, advantage, line, opening

What does handicap mean?

Knot related words

noun. collection of something

crowd, group, hunk, swarm, mass, pile, crew, team, host, bevy, bouquet, clump, read more

Handicap Meaning

Handicap is a noun, handicap meaning disadvantage

Handicap synonyms

impediment, hindrance, load, obstacle, psychological baggage, disability, restriction, affliction, encumbrance, stumbling block, detriment, injury, hangup, burden, impairment, shortcoming, millstone, drawback, baggage, barrier, block, limitation

Handicap antonyms

release, relief, help, freedom, aid, advantage, assistance, benefit, blessing, disadvantage

What does obscene mean?

Handicap related words

Achilles heel
noun. vulnerable point

damaging weakness, chink in the armor, failing, handicap, read more

Obscene Meaning

Obscene is an adj, obscene meaning indecent, offensive, immoral

Obscene synonyms

lustful, shocking, sickening, scatological, shameless, horrible, outrageous, hideous, repellent, vile, blue, impure, disgusting, loathsome, porno, lewd, noisome, raw, ribald, salacious, scurrilous, scabrous, loose, crude, raunchy, coarse, prurient, profane, repugnant, pornographic, gross, lascivious, filthy, suggestive, immodest, licentious, improper, barnyard, wicked, smutty, wanton, bawdy, unwholesome, unchaste, atrocious, dirty, read more

Fade Meaning

Fade is a verb, fade meaning lose color

Fade synonyms

vanish, disappear, blanch, clear, lose luster, decolorize, become colorless, bleach, blench, grow dim, dull, evaporate, wash out, etiolate, dim, evanish, dissolve, discolor, tarnish, tone down, muddy, lose brightness, neutralize, achromatize, pale

Fade antonyms

darken, improve, strengthen, appear, color, brighten, enhance, sharpen, arrive, recover

Also trending word:  IDLE meaning

Fade related words

verb. run away, depart secretly

skip out, escape, quit, split, duck out, vanish, decamp, read more

Idle Meaning

Idle is an adjective, idle meaning worthless, ineffective

Idle synonyms

unnecessary, unhelpful, vain, groundless, unproductive, of no avail, unavailing, rambling, futile, useless, empty, irrelevant, otiose, hollow, unsuccessful, bootless, nugatory, frivolous, abortive, trivial, insignificant, superficial, fruitless, not serious, pointless

Idle antonyms

employed, effective, ambitious, productive, used, important, active, working, busy, worthwhile, diligent, hustling

What does react mean?

Idle related words

verb. play at; tinker

flirt with, read more

React Meaning

React is a verb, react meaning respond; conduct oneself

React synonyms

return, rebound, behave, revert, operate, turn back, bounce back, act, be affected, feel, perform, take, reciprocate, answer, get back at, reply, acknowledge, recur, talk back, have vibes, backfire, proceed, function, work, have a funny feeling, give back, echo, counter, recoil, answer back, give a snappy comeback, boomerang

React antonyms

question, keep, refuse, idle, halt, cease, stop

Trending: Ape meaning

React related words

verb. behave in a certain way

exert, operate, read more

Ape Meaning

Ape is a verb, ape meaning mimic

Ape synonyms

caricature, affect, impersonate, make like, copy, travesty, mirror, parrot, ditto, echo, mock, counterfeit, do like, take off, go like, imitate, emulate, parody, do

Ape antonyms

Be original

Trending word! council meaning

Ape related words

verb. imitate

go like, act like, pirate, mirror, echo, fake, prefigure, repeat, sham, burlesque, epitomize, illustrate, incarnate, make like, follow example, take off, follow suit, mimic, personify, steal, follow, embody, ape, parrot, model, parody, do like, read more

Council Meaning

Council is a noun, council meaning people assembled for purpose

Council synonyms

parliament, gang, board, synod, conclave, kitchen cabinet, panel, powwow, convention, huddle, cabinet, directorate, groupthink, convocation, congress, meet, governing body, mob, gathering, confab, diet, conference, chamber, clan, ministry, assembly, body, official family, brain trust, congregation, ring, committee, outfit, senate

Council antonyms

One, individual

What does TABOO mean?

Council related words

noun. society or institution interested in learning

association, read more

Taboo Meaning

Taboo is an adj, Meaning of taboo allowed, permitted

Taboo synonyms

frowned on, forbidden, restricted, outlawed, out of bounds, reserved, banned, illegal, beyond the pale, unthinkable, unmentionable, disapproved, proscribed, prohibited, off limits, ruled out, unacceptable, anathema

Taboo antonyms

mentionable, acceptable, allowed, OK

What does taboo mean?

The meaning of taboo allowed, permitted

Example: ‘Both Islam and the Christian religions require rigorous observance of fasting and food taboos.’

Trending term: Keen

Taboo related words

read more

Keen Meaning

adjective enthusiastic adjective sharp, piercing adjective intelligent

Keen synonyms

eager, animated, fervent, fierce, appetent, gung ho, earnest, fervid, sprightly, impassioned, avid, interested, zealous, breathless, intent, ardent, lively, vehement, impatient, athirst, fond of, warm, thirsty, agog, dying to, intense, vivacious, alert, anxious, spirited, devoted, animate, perfervid, ebullient

Keen antonyms

peaceful, unconcerned, dull, ignorant, dispassionate, stupid, unenthusiastic, lethargic, pointless, uninterested, apathetic, read more

Nap Meaning

Nap is a noun, nap meaning short, light sleep

Nap synonyms

few z’s, shuteye, forty winks, doze, pause, siesta, nod, rest, microsleep, intermission, interlude, break, snooze, catnap, respite, spot

Nap antonyms


What does nap mean?

The meaning of nap is short or light sleep

Example: You have been working all the day, please go home and have a nap.

Trending word: Factual

Nap related words

verb. be calm; sleep

take time out, unlax, let down, stretch out, breathe, lean, snooze, relax, compose oneself, nap, lounge, loll, lie still, read more