Idle Meaning

Idle is an adjective, idle meaning worthless, ineffective

Idle synonyms

unnecessary, unhelpful, vain, groundless, unproductive, of no avail, unavailing, rambling, futile, useless, empty, irrelevant, otiose, hollow, unsuccessful, bootless, nugatory, frivolous, abortive, trivial, insignificant, superficial, fruitless, not serious, pointless

Idle antonyms

employed, effective, ambitious, productive, used, important, active, working, busy, worthwhile, diligent, hustling

What does react mean?

Idle related words

verb. play at; tinker

flirt with, play games with, trifle with, idle, play around, fiddle with, not be serious, work superficially, monkey around, dally, toy with, trifle, mess around, muck around, monkey, be amateur, play, horse around, kid around, amuse oneself with, dilly-dally

verb. play at; tinker

kid around, muck around, amuse oneself with, dally, play games with, dilly-dally, flirt with, mess around, fiddle with, work superficially, be amateur, play, horse around, trifle with, monkey, play around, idle, not be serious, trifle, toy with, monkey around

adjective. useless

fruitless, vain, ineffectual, worthless, futile, idle, unavailing

verb. dawdle, delay

tarry, hang about, idle, trifle with, loiter, horse around, linger, waste time, trail, play games with, put off, procrastinate, drag, jerk off, boondoggle, play around, fool around, while away, fool with, lollygag, lag, putter, fritter away

adjective. hopeless, pointless

otiose, unsatisfactory, ineffective, to no purpose, abortive, delusive, nugatory, barren, no dice, valueless, save one’s breath, in vain, empty, unimportant, fruitless, unproductive, unsubstantial, trifling, to no effect, unprofitable, unsuccessful, unneeded, worthless, on a treadmill, ineffectual, idle, impracticable, profitless, insufficient, vain, sterile, hollow, resultless, to no avail, unavailing, bootless, out the window, forlorn, impractical, unreal, exhausted, useless, trivial

verb. delay; waste time

loaf, drag, stroll, tarry, hang around, sit on one’s butt, fritter away, sit around, toddle, scrounge around, saunter, put off, diddle-daddle, bum around, mosey, shlep along, loll, loiter, lazy, hang out, amble, idle, poke, lounge, procrastinate, lag, fool around, dilly-dally, dally, get no place fast, laze, stay, goof off, warm a chair, trifle, wait

adjective. fruitless, ineffective

vain, unsubstantial, idle, senseless, ignorant, banal, cheap, dumb, inane, hollow, flat, devoid, meaningless, deadpan, worthless, trivial, unsatisfactory, barren, vacuous, vapid, silly, purposeless, insipid, futile, unreal, fatuous, nugatory, insincere, valueless, unintelligent, inexpressive, frivolous, petty, dishonest, ineffectual, otiose, paltry, jejune, expressionless, aimless, dead

adjective. inactive

unproductive, inert, undeveloped, unplowed, neglected, unplanted, unused, resting, virgin, untilled, slack, idle, vacant, unseeded, quiescent, uncultivated, dormant

adjective. bringing no advantage, product

wild goose chase, ineffectual, pointless, in vain, idle, unavailing, unprolific, vain, sterile, infertile, to no avail, futile, empty, unfruitful, unprofitable, ineffective, to no effect, useless, barren, abortive, unavailable, unproductive, gainless, profitless, unsuccessful, spinning one’s wheels

adjective. trivial, silly

flip, playful, ill-considered, impractical, petty, paltry, light-minded, childish, giddy, whimsical, niggling, gay, sportive, idle, not serious, puerile, idiotic, barmy, harebrained, dizzy, tongue-in-cheek, unprofound, foolish, senseless, flighty, unimportant, featherbrained, minor, shallow, nonserious, scatterbrained, superficial, flippant, peripheral, juvenile, pointless, facetious, volatile, light, empty-headed

adjective. lethargic

moony, neb, debilitated, comatose, lackadaisical, languorous, idle, laggard, having spring fever, apathetic, laid-back, indifferent, inactive, draggy, enervated, blah, inert, heavy, dilatory, impassive, drowsy, languid, listless, dopey, dull, dormant

adjective. not engaged in action; inert, lazy

in holding pattern, lethargic, jobless, static, abeyant, torpid, unused, dormant, latent, sluggish, sleepy, unemployed, blah, out of action, stable, indolent, out of commission, limp, still, low-key, motionless, immobile, slack, asleep, quiet, out of work, dull, sedentary, passive, down, disengaged, inoperative, slow, quiescent, idle, draggy, mothballed, ossified, somnolent, lax, do-nothing, out of service, slothful, on hold, unoccupied

adjective. inactive, sluggish

slothful, laggard, somnolent, dallying, inert, slack, unenergetic, languorous, supine, indifferent, languid, lethargic, lifeless, torpid, shiftless, flagging, loafing, drowsy, unpersevering, remiss, unconcerned, inattentive, careless, apathetic, asleep on the job, lagging, neglectful, slow-moving, tired, slow, out of it, lackadaisical, unindustrious, weary, idle, dull, tardy, unready, indolent, snoozy, comatose, trifling, procrastinating, sleepy, passive, dilatory

adjective. useless

null, indecisive, not effective, void, unfruitful, lame, anticlimactic, incompetent, unsuccessful, no way, inefficient, nugatory, unavailable, barren, feckless, vain, unavailing, inefficacious, ineffectual, slack-spined, fruitless, innocuous, neutralized, inoperative, feeble, unable, idle, emasculate, inferior, defeasible, impotent, limited, unprofitable, no go, inept, inadequate, abortive, forceless, bootless, unproductive, powerless, spineless, worthless, withered, futile, paltry

adjective. useless

idle, vain, impracticable, dysfunctional, good-for-nothing, unavailable, pointless, impractical, inept, worthless, futile, no good, stupid, weak, unfunctional, disadvantageous, ineffective, of no use, ineffectual, feckless, unusuable, unpurposed, inoperative, waste, abortive, scrap, nonfunctional, incompetent, unusable, purposeless, profitless, unprofitable, valueless, hopeless, unworkable, unproductive, meaningless, bootless, expendable, fruitless, counterproductive, unavailing

verb. move slowly; delay

jelly, straggle, trail, plod, inch, lounge, get no place fast, loiter, tool, trudge, slacken, dally, ebb, poke, fail, drag one’s feet, fall off, hang back, decrease, retard, linger, put off, slouch, falter, dillydally, tarry, stagger, diminish, procrastinate, idle, slow up, slow, lose strength, shuffle, be behind, flag, dawdle, wane, limp, inch along, drag, stay, hobble, saunter, tail

adjective. dormant, hidden

underdeveloped, possible, smoldering, potential, abeyant, covert, involved, contained, vestigial, passive, underlying, unexpressed, torpid, idle, inoperative, invisible, suspended, unexposed, sleeping, intrinsic, implied, inert, inferred, suppressed, secret, inactive, lurking, immature, tacit, inferential, undeveloped, concealed, between the lines, in abeyance, inherent, quiescent, veiled, unripe, unseen, rudimentary, unrealized

verb. loiter, delay

be dilatory, falter, lag, wait, loll, hang around, dillydally, saunter, stagger, goof off, hobble, poke, wait around, idle, procrastinate, amble, traipse, tarry, trail, stroll, hang out, totter, slouch, trudge, put off, stop, fool around, fritter away, drift, vacillate, tool, sit around, dawdle, hesitate, remain, trifle, take one’s time, shuffle, be tardy, lumber, mope, mosey, stay, putter, be long, stick around, plod, crawl, dally

verb. be idle, lazy

relax, vegetate, stall, goldbrick, saunter, let down, stroll, bum around, evade, shirk, be inactive, fritter away, lounge, slack, lie, not lift a finger, dillydally, lounge around, pass time, be slothful, twiddle thumbs, laze, drift, dream, bum, dally, slow down, be indolent, kill time, piddle, fool around, idle, waste time, stand around, sit around, loiter, while away hours, knock around, malinger, hang out, be unoccupied, loll, trifle, take it easy

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