Ape Meaning

Ape is a verb, ape meaning mimic

Ape synonyms

caricature, affect, impersonate, make like, copy, travesty, mirror, parrot, ditto, echo, mock, counterfeit, do like, take off, go like, imitate, emulate, parody, do

Ape antonyms

Be original

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Ape related words

verb. imitate

go like, act like, pirate, mirror, echo, fake, prefigure, repeat, sham, burlesque, epitomize, illustrate, incarnate, make like, follow example, take off, follow suit, mimic, personify, steal, follow, embody, ape, parrot, model, parody, do like, knock off, phony, emulate, typify, play a role, simulate, mock, do, take leaf out of book, do a take-off, travesty

verb. make deceitful imitation

phony up, bluff, cheat, impersonate, feign, mimeo, go like, assume, mint, defraud, mimic, ape, simulate, put on, copy, do, dupe, ditto, do like, sham, stat, make money, act like, imitate, delude, forge, make like, fake, clone, knock off, pretend, Xerox, circulate bad money, affect, coin, phony, carbon, fabricate

verb. imitate

mock, typify, mirror, repeat, illustrate, take leaf out of book, do a take-off, model, pirate, embody, follow suit, emulate, parrot, do, go like, burlesque, incarnate, play a role, follow, mimic, echo, phony, travesty, epitomize, take off, knock off, simulate, parody, ape, act like, personify, sham, follow example, do like, make like, fake, prefigure, steal

adjective. mentally strange

idiotic, insane, silly, unhinged, flipped, psycho, ape, daft, unzipped, mental, mad, cuckoo, unbalanced, maniacal, out of one’s mind, delirious, schizo, wacky, bats in the belfry, crazed, batty, potty, cracked, out to lunch, barmy, deranged, flaky, berserk, bonkers, moonstruck, screwball, out of one’s tree, mad as a March hare, erratic, flipped out, screw loose, round the bend, demented, dingy, mad as a hatter, kooky, touched, fruity, lunatic, nutty, screwy, unglued, of unsound mind, freaked out, dippy, nuts, nutty as fruitcake

adjective. crazy, insane

irrational, unhinged, baked, flipped, crazed, disordered, unsound, unscrewed, delirious, bananas, distracted, demented, unsettled, berserk, fried, frenzied, frantic, unbalanced, disarranged, unglued, dotty, ape, disconcerted, maniac, displaced, flipped out, mad, unzipped, schizzo, lunatic, perplexed, whacko, cracked, loco, maniacal, maddened, nuts

adjective. mentally strange

delirious, flipped out, cuckoo, mad as a hatter, round the bend, screwball, mad as a March hare, screwy, unbalanced, idiotic, batty, silly, out of one’s tree, unzipped, moonstruck, of unsound mind, deranged, bats in the belfry, daft, flaky, bonkers, crazed, fruity, ape, mental, insane, maniacal, out of one’s mind, berserk, unglued, mad, dingy, psycho, dippy, kooky, cracked, potty, nuts, nutty, screw loose, erratic, wacky, freaked out, schizo, touched, flipped, nutty as fruitcake, out to lunch, barmy, unhinged, demented, lunatic

verb. repeat, copy

reflect, go like, ring, redouble, mirror, reverberate, vibrate, parallel, reproduce, parrot, resound, resemble, mimic, second, ditto, respond, do like, react, imitate, rubber-stamp, ape, make like, reiterate, recall, impersonate

adjective. violent, menacing

feral, truculent, relentless, tumultous/tumultuous, threatening, uncontrollable, powerful, howling, raving, malign, fell, terrible, brutal, flipped, cruel, angry, ferocious, frightening, passionate, strong, brutish, cutthroat, untamed, blustery, furious, animal, awful, venomous, dangerous, malevolent, fiery, boisterous, raging, stormy, infuriated, wild, vehement, enraged, horrible, intense, barbarous, primitive, ape, bloodthirsty, murderous, bold, savage, tempestuous, tigerish, vicious, impetuous

verb. pretend to be; do an impression of

reproduce, play a part, copy, simulate, burlesque, resemble, personate, caricature, ape, take off, affect, reflect, model after, ditto, send up, follow suit, pretend, follow in footsteps, counterfeit, falsify, do likewise, echo, match, do like, duplicate, parallel, emulate, mime, Xerox, forge, replicate, be like, act like, borrow, follow, mock, repeat, parody, mimic, mirror, pattern after, spoof, travesty, look like, carbon, feign, assume, put on, impersonate, reduplicate, clone, sham

adjective. crazy

bonkers, unbalanced, demented, maniacal, wacky, cuckoo, daft, screwball, daffy, silly, berserk, deranged, out to lunch, nuts, crazed, nutty, barmy, screwy, delirious, batty, ape, insane, cracked, touched, flipped out, mad, out of one’s mind, mental, kooky, lunatic, psycho, flaky

adjective. manlike

hardy, muscular, virile, gallant, strong, honorable, ape, vigorous, mannish, male, powerful, two-fisted, caveman, robust, adult, stout-hearted, resolute, generative, macho, jock, tuna, potent, well-built, brave, manful, stud, bold, manly, red-blooded, strapping, courageous, hairy, hunk, stallion, beefcake

verb. imitate, mock

make fun of, go like, ridicule, ditto, echo, resemble, mirror, mime, copycat, act, fake, ape, enact, caricature, burlesque, pantomime, sham, look like, impersonate, play, make believe, copy, personate, perform, simulate, do like, do, parrot, travesty, take off, make like, parody

verb. imitate, spoof

travesty, impersonate, ape, distort, joke, lampoon, deride, take off, do a takeoff of, sheik, jest, poke fun at, disparage, put on, send up, mimic, copy, burlesque, ridicule, mock, caricature, mime, roast, exaggerate, laugh at, jeer, satirize

verb. imitate, spoof

burlesque, do a takeoff of, joke, jest, put on, ridicule, mime, deride, caricature, disparage, jeer, laugh at, sheik, impersonate, lampoon, copy, distort, mimic, travesty, exaggerate, mock, take off, satirize, roast, ape, poke fun at, send up

verb. echo back

make like, parrot, go like, vibrate, ape, reproduce, do like, mirror, respond, reflect, parallel, impersonate, imitate, reverberate, ring, second, resound, rebound, rubber-stamp, recall, echo, redouble, ditto, mimic, react, reiterate, resemble, repeat

verb. pretend, imitate

prevaricate, feature, fake, play, reproduce, lie, put on, counterfeit, mirror, knock off, playact, act, do a take-off, make believe, exaggerate, gloss over, dissemble, misrepresent, steal, disguise, invent, favor, crib, act like, bluff, cheat, lift, put on an act, equivocate, fabricate, ape, phony, fence, do like, deceive, pirate, mimic, pose, affect, feign, resemble, do, concoct, copy, assume, borrow, replicate

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