Banter Meaning

Banter is a noun, banter means teasing

Banter synonyms

chaffing, play, mockery, kidding, ribbing, persiflage, raillery, dissing, jeering, gossip, small talk, chitchat, ridicule, badinage, joking, fun, joshing, jesting, repartee, chaff, exchange, derision

Banter antonyms

praise, work, flattery

What does knot mean?

Banter related words

noun. joking around

joking, asteism, repartee, banter, raillery, persiflage, kidding, fool, teasing, joshing, ribbing

verb. attempt to coax; flatter

urge, mislead, snow, con, tantalize, push, sweet-talk, build up, suck up to, brownnose, seduce, massage, soften, apple polish, rub the right way, work on, soap, soft-soap, sweeten up, entrap, crowd, lure, beguile, lay it on thick, maneuver, inveigle, deceive, entice, get next to, bootlick, hand a line, jolly, wheedle, work over, banter, get around, delude, induce, decoy, oil, butter up, blandish, stroke, play up to, tempt, argue into, make up to, influence, dupe, spread it on

verb. make fun of; insult

chaff, sneer, slam, taunt, quiz, mock, lout, contemn, pan, rag, scoff, gibe, rally, dump on, razz, scorn, pooh-pooh, banter, roast, ridicule, flout, dis, detract, jolly, laugh at, do a number on, kid, knock, rib, put down, disparage, disdain, jeer, twit

verb. make advances toward someone

pick up, make a pass, tease, coquet, ogle, gam, disport, make a move, philander, fool, come hither, banter, lead on, linger with, proposition, pitch, wink at, bat eyes at, eyeball, hit on, come on, dally

noun. comedy, funniness

pleasantry, drollery, wittiness, clowning, jocosity, playfulness, high spirits, jest, banter, raillery, kidding, joking, farce, whimsy, flippancy, witticism, wit, joyfulness, joke, comicalness, facetiousness, tomfoolery, jesting, levity, gag, lightness, gaiety, happiness, wisecrack, amusement, badinage, buffoonery, jocularity, jocoseness, comicality, fun

noun. humor

flippancy, comedy, comicality, ridiculousness, badinage, jocularity, witticism, gag, gaiety, happiness, kidding, amusement, jest, clowning, joke, funniness, high spirits, playfulness, lightness, ludicrousness, tomfoolery, levity, wit, jesting, wisecrack, farcicality, joyfulness, drollness, facetiousness, whimsy, joking, zaniness, comicalness, wittiness, buffoonery, drollery, pleasantry, jocoseness, fun, banter, farce, raillery, humorousness

noun. humor

zaniness, raillery, drollness, comedy, happiness, playfulness, funniness, comicalness, wit, jocosity, wisecrack, high spirits, whimsy, flippancy, buffoonery, witticism, joke, drollery, levity, joyfulness, joking, ridiculousness, fun, lightness, jocularity, jesting, humorousness, banter, badinage, amusement, gag, tomfoolery, pleasantry, facetiousness, clowning, jocoseness, comicality, gaiety, wittiness, farcicality, farce, jest, kidding

noun. contemptuous laughter at someone or something

mockery, put-on, gibe, disparagement, foolery, sneer, leer, roast, scorn, chaff, rally, taunt, persiflage, disdain, dig, banter, jab, mordancy, slam, jeer, sarcasm, needling, raillery, laughter, comeback, badinage, caricature, swipe, burlesque, contempt, satire, razz, taunting, putdown, travesty, irony, rib, parting shot, derision, parody, buffoonery, farce, sardonicism

noun. sarcasm

comeback, sharpness, banter, raillery, derision, corrosiveness, lampooning, mordancy, disparagement, cut, rancor, acidity, flouting, causticness, acerbity, dig, causticity, irony, satire, scorn, put-down, wisecrack, cynicism, censure, mockery, acrimony, bitterness, superciliousness, ridicule, burlesque, criticism, sneering, trenchancy, acridity, aspersion, contempt, scoffing, invective

noun. mocking remark

mockery, derision, lampooning, corrosiveness, rancor, cynicism, invective, scorn, banter, disparagement, irony, comeback, superciliousness, aspersion, put-down, mordancy, raillery, acrimony, wisecrack, bitterness, ridicule, satire, dig, burlesque, scoffing, flouting, sharpness, causticness, contempt, censure, cut, sneering, criticism

verb. aggravate, provoke

give a hard time, send up, ridicule, roast, beleaguer, be at, bait, put down, mock, swipe at, jive, tantalize, sound, annoy, devil, hector, chaff, badger, spoof, slam, ride, rag, harass, plague, lead on, taunt, goad, disturb, nudge, bedevil, snap, pick on, torment, dog, josh, banter, rally, gibe, razz, rib, harry, gnaw, importune, vex, bother, needle, pester, worry

noun. sarcasm

bitterness, corrosiveness, causticity, aspersion, banter, scoffing, criticism, acridity, flouting, sneering, sharpness, censure, contempt, put-down, disparagement, satire, mockery, rancor, causticness, irony, derision, cut, burlesque, scorn, dig, wisecrack, invective, acrimony, mordacity, comeback, superciliousness, lampooning, mordancy, cynicism, raillery, acerbity, ridicule, acidity

verb. ridicule

cartoon, kid, unmask, laugh, fleer, satirize, haze, rib, josh, mock, make a fool of, deflate, travesty, jeer, deride, show up, caricature, rally, jolly, rag, pooh-pooh, needle, mimic, banter, pull one’s leg, sneer, lampoon, gibe, scorn, jive, poke fun at, scout, expose, send up, make a game of, takeoff, laugh at, quiz, jest, raz, jape, put down, ride, chaff, roast, pan, rail at, scoff, parody, make fun of, run down, make a laughing-stock, humiliate, taunt

verb. talk into

butter up, blandish, kowtow, flatter, oil, banter, worm, cajole, soap, draw, finagle, soft-soap, court, con, spread it on, sweeten up, lay it on, work on, seduce, coax, inveigle, persuade, entice, sweet-talk, soften up, charm, snow

noun. humor

burlesque, banter, practical joke, fun, pleasantry, facetiousness, satire, joke, pun, sally, quip, badinage, trick, lark, drollery, levity, wisecrack, repartee, prank, wittiness, raillery, bon mot, jest, gag, whimsicality, jocularity, wordplay, aphorism

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