Council Meaning

Council is a noun, council meaningĀ people assembled for purpose

Council synonyms

parliament, gang, board, synod, conclave, kitchen cabinet, panel, powwow, convention, huddle, cabinet, directorate, groupthink, convocation, congress, meet, governing body, mob, gathering, confab, diet, conference, chamber, clan, ministry, assembly, body, official family, brain trust, congregation, ring, committee, outfit, senate

Council antonyms

One, individual

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Council related words

noun. society or institution interested in learning

association, fraternity, league, circle, institute, foundation, federation, council, alliance

noun. group of advisers

brass, advisers, execs, directors, committee, trustees, jury, executive suite, council, directorate, upstairs, front office, panel, advisory group, cabinet, executives, conclave

Round Table
noun. brainstorming session

panel, council, buzz session, discussion group, forum, conference, brainstorming

noun. asking, conference

buzz session, discussion, appointment, council, clambake, second opinion, argument, dialogue, groupthink, huddle, interview, conference, deliberation, hearing, examination, powwow, meeting, confab, session

noun. congregation

company, throng, body, convocation, aggregation, get-together, confab, group, conference, conclave, band, council, association, coffee klatch, mass, cluster, huddle, faction, assemblage, crew, bunch, accumulation, meet, flock, multitude, clambake, meeting, sit-in, turnout, rally, collection, gathering, crowd

noun. executives serving a leader

assistants, bureau, bureaucracy, ministry, official family, assembly, council, brain trust, committee, counselors, department heads, administrators, kitchen cabinet, authority, government, advisers, governing body, administration

noun. meeting

convention, council, congregation, assembly, symposium, rally, conclave, congress, get-together, conference, colloquium, gathering, convocation, seminar

noun. opportunity to present views, skill or knowledge

parley, audit, chance, interview, consultation, attention, inquiry, trial, notice, investigation, meeting, review, negotiation, congress, presentation, conference, discussion, audition, admittance, audience, attendance, reception, tryout, performance, test, council

noun. group working on project

trustees, bureau, chamber, council, cabinet, commission, jury, representatives, task force, consultants, investigators, board, panel, convocation

noun. assembly

get-together, conference, assemblage, conclave, convention, congregation, council, meeting, turnout, meet, diet, confab, congress, synod, powwow, concourse

noun. delegation of representatives

assembly, the Hill, conference, legislature, order, delegates, committee, caucus, chamber, senate, the house, meeting, association, club, league, council, convocation, society, convention, conclave, government, parliament, legislative body, union, guild

noun. conference

confab, meeting, show, get together, meet, assembly, members, clambake, powwow, rally, assemblage, delegates, convocation, council, delegation, representatives, congress

noun. meeting

conclave, gathering, congress, symposium, assembly, seminar, congregation, colloquium, council, conference, convention, convocation, get-together, rally

noun. group of business entities

combine, organization, bunch, union, crew, ring, gang, cartel, committee, trust, conglomerate, board, pool, chamber, council, partnership, multinational, group, outfit, mob, association, company, chain, cabinet, megacorp

noun. court

magistrate, court of justice, bar, committee, forum, bench, board, justice, judiciary, seat of judgment, judge, law court, council

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