Decree Meaning

Decree is a noun, decree meaning mandate, legal order

Decree synonyms

ukase, bidding, edict, declaration, prescript, charge, the word, pronouncement, ruling, rap, commandment, decretum, proclamation, command, judgment, directive, behest, dictum, order, regulation, the riot act, say, precept, enactment, instruction, rule, ordinance, statute, law, injunction, charging, direction, act, promulgation, announcement

Decree antonyms

lawlessness, disorganization, answer

What does sail mean?

Decree related words

noun. legislative document

law, order, ordinance, summons, decree, measure, clause, amendment, announcement, bill, verdict, enactment, code, warrant, judgment, resolution, writ, edict, statute, subpoena, commitment

verb. assign responsibility; decide

enjoin, tap, accredit, fix, name, command, establish, nominate, select, decree, commission, settle, elect, determine, allot, assign, install, delegate, ordain, set, choose, designate, direct, finger

verb. judge

award, decide, determine, settle, rate, adjudicate, arbitrate, rule, decree, referee, consider

noun. prize or reward

endowment, feather in cap, scholarship, bestowal, trophy, distinction, order, honor, gold, adjudication, donation, allotment, conferment, accolade, conferral, decree, decision, presentation, verdict, grant, gold star, decoration, gift, citation

verb. demand or announce action

require, requisition, appeal to, ordain, entreat, decree, summon, proclaim, order, set apart, pray to, exact, declare, ask, challenge, elect, appoint, postulate, claim, charge, solicit, command

noun. rule, edict

dictate, touchstone, screed, law, decree, catalogue, table, commandment, dogma, yardstick, roll, command, decretum, list, maxim, regulation, principle, statute, criterion, tenet, formula, doctrine, order, ordinance, declaration, precept, standard, assize

noun. directive, instruction

obligation, edict, enactment, request, dictate, will, dictation, writ, law, prescript, subpoena, ordinance, act, adjuration, duty, summons, call, proclamation, caveat, interdiction, citation, imposition, prohibition, precept, notification, order, ultimatum, fiat, bidding, canon, responsibility, imperative, requirement, requisition, direction, charge, exaction, rule, commandment, ban, behest, warrant, decree, proscription, devoir, mandate, demand, word, regulation, injunction, dictum

verb. make a determination; settle an issue

come to decision, purpose, conclude, will, pick, call shots, arrive at conclusion, clinch, determine, opt, gather, adjudicate, poll, adjudge, set, form opinion, come to agreement, draw a conclusion, reach decision, rule, surmise, cast the die, have final word, commit oneself, establish, mediate, make a decision, award, elect, go down line, vote, choose, end, guess, make up mind, cinch, decree, come to conclusion, resolve, conjecture, fix upon, judge, take a stand, tap, agree, select, figure

noun. fate or decision, usually unpleasant

way the ball bounces, verdict, sentence, tragedy, ruin, kismet, way the cookie crumbles, conclusion, portion, opinion, destination, predestination, circumstance, condemnation, downfall, death, judgment, cataclysm, handwriting on wall, Judgment Day, karma, destiny, destruction, predetermination, disaster, Moira, fixed future, fortune, foreordination, decree, lap of the gods, catastrophe, lot, calamity, end, annihilation

verb. authorize, legislate

steamroll, establish, fix, jam through, ratify, institute, ordain, transact, sanction, command, appoint, vote in, proclaim, railroad, determine, decree, accomplish, make laws, bring about, constitute, execute, set, put through, pass, vote favorably, make into law, formulate, effect, railroad through, make, dictate, get the floor, put in force, effectuate, carry through, order

verb. set, dictate

wreak, wreck, lay down, establish, prescribe, ordain, presume, compel, order, encroach, saddle, exact, command, intrude, lay down the law, promulgate, visit, foist, inflict, require, put foot down, take advantage, constrain, demand, trespass, move in on, horn in, levy, enforce, read riot act, infringe, wish, place, charge, lade, institute, introduce, appoint, obtrude, oblige, decree, force upon, lay, burden, put, force, enjoin, fix

verb. have in mind; determine

strive, expect, signify, designate, essay, plan, contemplate, denote, decree, spell, meditate, hope to, resolve, attempt, design, set apart, aspire to, indicate, express, add up, dedicate, figure on, be determined, purpose, connote, devote, mean, plot, set aside, import, ordain, be resolved, aim, try, endeavor, appoint, look forward, destine, reserve, have in mind, scheme, propose, think

verb. make decision from evidence; deduce

evaluate, appraise, pronounce sentence, pass sentence, review, settle, estimate, gather, draw, rate, adjudge, check, condemn, suppose, put, size up, deduct, esteem, ascertain, consider, make, umpire, sit, collect, value, doom, resolve, place, distinguish, approximate, act on, referee, decree, reckon, decide, assess, adjudicate, give a hearing, make out, derive, arbitrate, criticize, find, sentence, arrive, conclude, determine, rule, mediate, examine, try, discern, appreciate, test

noun. rules of a government, society

due process, institute, behest, subpoena, regulation, requirement, bylaw, prescript, notice, edict, precedent, charter, bidding, decretum, writ, assize, constitution, order, commandment, ruling, command, injunction, caveat, act, dictate, case, mandate, ordinance, prescription, measure, instruction, decree, jurisprudence, summons, warrant, canon, decision, divestiture, precept, demand, reg, garnishment, enactment, covenant, code, statute, legislation, equity, charge

noun. decision about blame

quest, regard, sentence, opinion, exploration, analysis, estimate, scrutiny, inference, review, research, inspection, award, ruling, inquiry, conviction, finding, assessment, verdict, reconnaissance, examination, inquest, belief, conclusion, pursuit, inquisition, estimation, idea, search, result, resolution, report, observation, contemplation, appraisal, evaluation, arbitration, assaying, view, weigh-in, summary, order, probing, determination, close study, appreciation, deduction, decree, sifting

verb. make up one’s mind; find solution

dissect, remain firm, make a point of, purpose, determine, take a stand, unzip, puzzle out, dissolve, unfold, decree, intend, deal with, decide, iron out, fix, clinch, will, pan out, break down, untangle, work out, solve, choose, settle, elucidate, pass upon, unravel, work, work through, answer, agree, fathom, lick, break, clear up, propose, analyze, rule, anatomize, decipher, elect, undertake, figure, design, conclude

noun. standard, principle of behavior

decree, edict, moral, keynote, decretion, guideline, statute, no-no’s, brocard, dictum, ordinance, propriety, assize, aphorism, ruling, regimen, the numbers, decorum, fundamental, commandment, precedent, test, maxim, gnome, precept, chapter and verse, order, truism, law, apothegm, axiom, canon, keystone, tenet, basis, etiquette, model, command, the book, criterion, direction, prescription, formula, guide, regulation

verb. decide upon

arrange, agree upon, estimate, prescribe, fix price, allot, schedule, appoint, make, dictate, value, impose, resolve, conclude, rate, assign, establish, direct, stipulate, fix, name, regulate, lay down, instruct, allocate, designate, decree, settle, specify, price, ordain, determine

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