Factual Meaning

Factual is an adj, the English word factual meaning real, correct

Factual synonyms

objective, accurate, positive, close, kosher, certain, unadorned, undoubted, circumstantial, card-carrying, straight from horse’s mouth, actual, authentic, sure-enough, unquestionable, true, specific, precise, true-to-life, on the level, legit, hard, descriptive, veritable, valid, sure, literal, genuine, exact, righteous, legitimate, absolute, unbiased, credible, faithful

Factual antonyms

biased, wrong, careless, incorrect, questionable, false, untruthful, inaccurate, imprecise, unfactual, invalid

What does factual mean?

The meaning of factual is real, correct

Example: This movie is based on factual story happened in 1962

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Factual related words

adjective. certain

undeniable, consummate, unambiguous, unequivocal, fixed, conclusive, factual, sure, definite, unmitigated, unquestionable, infallible, categorical, precise, actual, exact, genuine, decided, positive, decisive

adjective. truly existing, real

honest to God, tangible, factual, authentic, indisputable, genuine, indubitable, concrete, realistic, substantive, truthful, substantial, hard, undeniable, physical, unquestionable, true, verified, kosher, certain, positive, honest injun, categorical, for real, sure enough, definite, confirmed, absolute

adjective. correct, without error

factual, authentic, certain, true, truthful, undisputed, final, official, irrefutable, authoritative, definite, right, straight, conclusive, genuine, unrefuted, errorless, actual, undeniable, definitive, veracious, infallible, unimpeachable, faultless, perfect, absolute, exact, valid, strict, unquestionable, flawless

adjective. accurate, exact

just, faultless, strict, proper, perfect, true, right as rain, veracious, right on, regular, actual, equitable, on the money, appropriate, impeccable, on track, unmistaken, on the nose, on the button, flawless, legitimate, right, amen, on the ball, okay, rigorous, according to Hoyle, right stuff, cooking with gas, precise, for sure, righteous, dead on, factual, stone, faithful, veridical, undistorted, on the beam, nice, on target, free of error

adjective. real, genuine

authoritative, twenty-four carat, certain, accurate, dependable, sure, trustworthy, veritable, actual, creditable, bona fide, reliable, valid, pure, original, trusty, convincing, factual, faithful, for real, legit, true, official, credible, legitimate

adjective. recognized as true, valid

authenticated, authentic, scholarly, sound, dependable, definitive, faithful, verified, circumstantiated, legit, learned, trustworthy, reliable, attested, confirmed, proven, documented, righteous, factual, truthful, supported, accurate, validated, straight from horse’s mouth, veritable

adjective. definite, certain

factual, cold, incontrovertible, unmistakable, explicit, unequivocal, indubitable, decided, complete, hard, rank, forcible, perfect, outright, irrefutable, confident, firm, conclusive, decisive, forceful, undeniable, unambiguous, specific, thorough, assured, genuine, actual, affirmative, sure, inarguable, indisputable, thoroughgoing, direct, convinced, real, clear, incontestable, cocksure, consummate, out-and-out, clear-cut, downright, absolute, unmitigated, concrete, categorical, express

most correct
adjective. accurate, exact

amen, appropriate, on target, faithful, on the nose, factual, right as rain, faultless, rigorous, right stuff, legitimate, perfect, on the button, regular, precise, according to Hoyle, proper, veridical, on the ball, righteous, actual, undistorted, on the money, nice, right, stone, for sure, just, on track, impeccable, veracious, flawless, unmistaken, right on, strict, cooking with gas, true, on the beam, free of error, okay, equitable, dead on

more practical
adjective. realistic, useful

functional, nuts and bolts, workable, efficient, matter-of-fact, in action, sane, virtual, doable, unidealistic, practicable, solid, in operation, unromantic, workaday, working, handy, operative, both feet on the ground, empirical, applied, utilitarian, reasonable, down-to-earth, orderly, possible, usable, sober, sound, serviceable, systematic, businesslike, feasible, rational, factual, hard-boiled, constructive, experimental, commonsensical, sensible, utile, implicit, pragmatic

more positive
adjective. definite, certain

assured, indisputable, firm, decisive, unmitigated, direct, clear-cut, downright, complete, thorough, categorical, decided, cold, express, out-and-out, conclusive, unequivocal, cocksure, rank, inarguable, forceful, undeniable, convinced, confident, indubitable, unmistakable, explicit, clear, unambiguous, sure, forcible, irrefutable, perfect, absolute, incontrovertible, factual, consummate, thoroughgoing, actual, concrete, outright, affirmative, real, genuine, hard, incontestable, specific

adjective. realistic, useful

sane, feasible, empirical, handy, utile, functional, rational, businesslike, experimental, commonsensical, sober, workable, unromantic, orderly, sensible, both feet on the ground, nuts and bolts, efficient, serviceable, systematic, working, workaday, matter-of-fact, practicable, sound, in operation, applied, doable, constructive, utilitarian, possible, unidealistic, solid, operative, factual, virtual, usable, implicit, in action, reasonable, pragmatic, down-to-earth, hard-boiled

adjective. unimaginative

humdrum, garden-variety, routine, lackluster, common, commonplace, vanilla, factual, zero, monotonous, lusterless, trite, ordinary, everyday, irksome, hackneyed, drab, clean, unexceptional, dry, blah, ho-hum, tedious, stale, plebeian, platitudinous, literal, nowhere, tame, dull, colorless, workaday, flat, nothing, yawn, prose, square, uneventful, prosy, actual, boring, vapid, dead, uninspiring, practicable, mundane, pabulum, practical, diddly, matter-of-fact, banal, lifeless, pedestrian, lowly

adjective. genuine in existence

veritable, sincere, incarnate, concrete, live, existing, honest, stable, corporeal, embodied, rightful, existent, in the flesh, heartfelt, true, undoubted, unfeigned, actual, substantial, valid, firm, tangible, absolute, sound, essential, solid, substantive, de facto, perceptible, sensible, irrefutable, legitimate, original, evident, unaffected, palpable, factual, present, bona fide, material, positive, physical, authentic, certain, intrinsic, indubitable, undeniable, right, bodily, corporal

adjective. genuine in existence

undoubted, legitimate, embodied, bodily, heartfelt, perceptible, de facto, existing, actual, true, sincere, existent, sound, palpable, present, solid, firm, rightful, authentic, honest, original, absolute, stable, right, factual, tangible, material, valid, unfeigned, veritable, corporeal, indubitable, incarnate, evident, essential, concrete, physical, substantial, unaffected, positive, live, irrefutable, substantive, undeniable, bona fide, intrinsic, sensible, corporal, in the flesh, certain

adjective. accurate, precise

free of error, inerrant, out-and-out, infallible, veracious, utter, perfect, sound, unmistaken, punctilious, watertight, faithful, amen, factual, immaculate, exact, strict, valid, undoubted, bona fide, thoroughgoing, real, admissible, unerring, indubitable, correct, complete, righteous, right as rain, veridical, on the money, authentic, rigorous, undistorted, nice, veritable, just, genuine, satisfactory, proper, absolute, sure, on the nose, true, solemn, right on

adjective. accurate

correct, exact, right, defined, precise, on the button, unmistakable, detailed, matter-of-fact, proper, faithful, rigorous, close, on the money, severe, true, distinct, concrete, scientific, regular, rigid, methodical, veracious, factual, careful, explicit, authentic, definite, punctilious, strict, specific, deft, sharp, solid, discriminative, particular, unerring, genuine, on the nose, literal, judicious, systematic, just, skillful, punctual, meticulous, discriminating, ultraprecise, truthful, scrupulous

adjective. real, valid; concordant with facts

rightful, genuine, unfeigned, sincere, veracious, accurate, natural, honest, bona fide, truthful, trustworthy, typical, sure-enough, dependable, indubitable, wash, correct, very, normal, pure, undesigning, lawful, unfaked, factual, undeniable, on target, direct, proper, authentic, fitting, actual, straight, authoritative, kosher, undoubted, legal, unquestionable, right, veritable, precise, perfect, appropriate, legitimate, unerring, exact, veridical, regular

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