Fade Meaning

Fade is a verb, fade meaning lose color

Fade synonyms

vanish, disappear, blanch, clear, lose luster, decolorize, become colorless, bleach, blench, grow dim, dull, evaporate, wash out, etiolate, dim, evanish, dissolve, discolor, tarnish, tone down, muddy, lose brightness, neutralize, achromatize, pale

Fade antonyms

darken, improve, strengthen, appear, color, brighten, enhance, sharpen, arrive, recover

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Fade related words

verb. run away, depart secretly

skip out, escape, quit, split, duck out, vanish, decamp, leave, flee, take off, fade, clear out, disappear, hightail, pull out, sneak away, skedaddle, jump, make scarce, make a break, beat it, scram, steal away, vamoose, dog it, get, break, run off, fly the coop, cut and run, slip, go south, make off, bolt, go AWOL

verb. cause injury, loss

disintegrate, pollute, wear away, rot, crack, fade, corrupt, tarnish, wreck, maim, infect, injure, wreak havoc on, dirty, deface, wound, corrode, break, mutilate, scratch, batter, disfigure, cripple, discolor, maltreat, harm, blight, impair, abuse, lacerate, dismantle, hurt, mangle, contaminate, stain, weaken, scathe, vitiate, ruin, bleach, smash, defile, spoil, bang up, split, rust, undermine, burn, gnaw, stab, ravage, scorch, incapacitate, wrong, tamper with, mar, tear

verb. deteriorate, crumble

atrophy, wear away, degenerate, dissolve, pejorate, reach depths, get worse, dry-rot, rot, curdle, shrivel, collapse, dwindle, wither, break up, weaken, fade, mold, defile, go bad, corrode, turn, become contaminated, go to seed, mildew, go to the dogs, decompose, pollute, sicken, molder, putrefy, suppurate, fail, hit the skids, be impaired, sink, slump, waste away, disintegrate, wane, perish, spoil, hit rock bottom, lessen, sap, putresce, blight, mortify, discolor, depreciate, decline

verb. lessen, become less

decay, pine, wane, cheapen, rot, abate, diminish, dwindle, depreciate, fall, fall off, decrease, droop, go to the dogs, revert, go to pot, worsen, sag, return, relapse, disimprove, drop, subside, slide, settle, degenerate, languish, hit the skids, flag, backslide, lower, deteriorate, weaken, retrograde, sink, go downhill, disintegrate, lose value, recede, fail, shrink, ebb, fade, lapse

verb. grow less or make less

settle, reduce, drop off, abate, peter out, ebb, decay, cut down, tail off, lessen, modify, deteriorate, ease, let up, contract, quiet, weaken, restrain, wear away, calm down, decline, slack off, slash, degenerate, devaluate, dry up, lose edge, wear down, narrow down, curtail, evaporate, die down, soften, shrink, crumble, diminish, wane, drop, wither, quell, slump, subside, curb, dwindle, run low, shrivel, fade, depreciate, droop, lower, sink, fall off, slow down, lighten, slacken, waste, check

verb. decay, degenerate

fail, lose it, go to the dogs, skid, retrogress, slide, debilitate, lose quality, go to pot, ebb, decompose, vitiate, weaken, retrograde, fade, be worse for wear, flag, lessen, become worse, adulterate, disimprove, debase, degrade, lower, decline, mar, descend, go to pieces, injure, worsen, corrupt, break, undermine, impair, regress, crumble, lapse, fall apart, hit the skids, go downhill, wear away, depreciate, deprave, spoil, rot, disintegrate, alloy, sink, languish, corrode, pervert

verb. wither, dwindle

fade away, recede, lose power, wane, wear away, stop, dilapidate, deteriorate, fade out, ease off, subside, vanish, end, let up, decay, fizzle out, expire, halt, moderate, sink, melt away, lapse, pass, ebb, go bad, retrograde, rot, go downhill, weaken, decline, molder, run out, run down, fail, run low, fall, slacken, peter out, diminish, droop, abate, bate, rankle, degenerate, break down, crumble, disappear, wilt, fade

verb. vanish; cease

be swallowed up, be done for, recede, retreat, decamp, die, melt, abscond, fade away, go south, end, abandon, be lost, expire, fly, evaporate, wane, vamoose, cease to exist, withdraw, clear, perish, be no more, melt away, come to naught, fade, leave, evanesce, pass away, sink, vacate, dematerialize, go, be gone, dissolve, drop out of sight, ebb, depart, leave no trace, evanish, die out, exit, escape, disperse, retire, pass, take flight, end gradually, dissipate, flee

verb. droop; become dull, listless

wilt, hanker, ebb, fail, dwindle, sorrow, snivel, rot, waste, conk out, repine, brood, flag, fag, be neglected, decline, go to pieces, weaken, die on vine, hunger, desire, go soft, wither, grieve, yearn, fade, deteriorate, sicken, despond, fag out, tucker, be disregarded, knock out, suffer, fizzle out, faint, pine, long, waste away, sigh

verb. decrease

sink, drop off, wear away, slack off, abate, peter out, restrain, dry up, dwindle, weaken, slow down, decay, quell, drain, run low, shrivel, tail away, calm down, degenerate, taper, die down, lose edge, slump, soften, ebb, wither, curtail, slash, decline, evaporate, fade, waste, reduce, lessen, lighten, settle, wane, tail off, let up, lower, quiet, deteriorate, contract, devaluate, fall off, check, cut down, slacken, diminish, shrink, modify, rebate, curb, narrow down, crumble, ease, drop, subside, depreciate, droop, wear down

verb. droop; become dull, listless

wither, fag, repine, hunger, deteriorate, pine, sorrow, despond, waste away, decline, long, die on vine, sicken, waste, be neglected, desire, suffer, fade, yearn, knock out, go to pieces, conk out, dwindle, fizzle out, go soft, grieve, ebb, flag, sigh, brood, rot, weaken, fail, fag out, wilt, hanker, snivel, be disregarded, faint, tucker

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