Handicap Meaning

Handicap is a noun, handicap meaning disadvantage

Handicap synonyms

impediment, hindrance, load, obstacle, psychological baggage, disability, restriction, affliction, encumbrance, stumbling block, detriment, injury, hangup, burden, impairment, shortcoming, millstone, drawback, baggage, barrier, block, limitation

Handicap antonyms

release, relief, help, freedom, aid, advantage, assistance, benefit, blessing, disadvantage

What does obscene mean?

Handicap related words

Achilles heel
noun. vulnerable point

damaging weakness, chink in the armor, failing, handicap, defect, weak link, foible, vulnerability, heel of Achilles, weakness, frailty, weak spot, susceptibility, tender spot, flaw

verb. encumber, strain

vex, saddle with, give it to, impede, bother, weigh down, trouble, lade, load, encumber, dish out, worry, dish it out, press, tax, overwhelm, stick it to, strain, snow, depress, oppress, make heavy, cumber, hinder, handicap, bear down on, crush, dump on, hamper, snow under, try, obligate, pile, afflict, overcharge, overload

verb. encumber, strain

hamper, dump on, hinder, dish it out, afflict, dish out, worry, load, weigh down, cumber, give it to, obligate, pile, handicap, oppress, bother, stick it to, trouble, lade, tax, saddle with, overload, encumber, press, overcharge, make heavy, try, bear down on, vex, snow, strain, impede, overwhelm, snow under, crush, depress

verb. encumber, strain

dump on, press, dish it out, dish out, overwhelm, saddle with, bother, worry, obligate, cumber, make heavy, stick it to, bear down on, give it to, overcharge, afflict, oppress, try, overload, weigh down, crush, tax, hinder, hamper, handicap, vex, trouble, depress, snow, encumber, load, pile, snow under, impede, strain, lade

noun. personal interest, concern

encumbrance, aggravation, anxiety, perplexity, nuisance, woe, foreboding, hindrance, charge, vexation, stress, pressure, oppression, sorrow, worry, fear, burden, disquiet, tribulation, bother, onus, exasperation, impediment, annoyance, incubus, load, discomposure, apprehension, hardship, disturbance, distress, dismay, alarm, responsibility, affliction, anguish, uneasiness, trouble, fretfulness, misgiving, chagrin, solicitude, strain, unhappiness, handicap, sweat, consternation, stew

verb. confuse, make difficult

interweave, ravel, fold, add fuel to fire, make intricate, entangle, combine, jumble, render unintelligible, snarl up, obscure, disarrange, convolute, confound, snag, perplex, open can of worms, impede, embroil, mix up, interrelate, disorder, infold, muddle, bedevil, upset, screw up, muck up, multiply, elaborate, handicap, clog, twist, involve, foul up, interfuse, snafu, derange, make waves, tangle

verb. render inoperative; cripple

invalidate, shatter, handicap, wreck, damage, hock, sabotage, put out of action, hogtie, harm, debilitate, total, blunt, exhaust, attenuate, mar, hamstring, enervate, shoot down, mutilate, prostrate, impair, batter, undermine, unfit, unbrace, kibosh, throw monkey wrench in, disqualify, render incapable, enfeeble, sap, hurt, unstrengthen, paralyze, weaken, spoil, take out, maim, pinion, disarm, mangle, immobilize, ruin, disenable, incapacitate, muzzle, knock out

verb. impede, restrict

balk, obstruct, bind, cramp one’s style, hold up, trammel, restrain, tie one’s hands, foil, hang up, drag one’s feet, baffle, fetter, cramp, hinder, retard, slow down, encumber, handicap, hamstring, prevent, leash, embarrass, frustrate, hog-tie, block, tie, shackle, thwart, curb, tie up, check, interfere with, cumber, get in the way, clog, inhibit, inconvenience, stymie, bar, hobble, entangle

verb. prevent, slow down

get in the way, clog, louse up, handicap, stymie, crab, snafu, balk, resist, hamper, debar, box in, cripple, shut out, impede, muzzle, crimp, hold up, check, neutralize, deter, interrupt, bottleneck, arrest, prohibit, counteract, block, stay, fetter, bar, thwart, oppose, contravene, hold back, obstruct, stop, curb, frustrate, inhibit, retard, offset, interfere, terminate, encumber, cramp, hog-tie, burden, preclude, trammel, choke, delay, hamstring

verb. disable

unfit, mar, wreck, cripple, prostrate, unstrengthen, put out of action, knock out, attenuate, paralyze, exhaust, undermine, action, disenable, hamstring, kibosh, sabotage, blunt, ruin, batter, disqualify, muzzle, hogtie, sap, total, shoot down, weaken, unbrace, disarm, mangle, pinion, hock, damage, hurt, maim, render incapable, spoil, enervate, enfeeble, take out, harm, impair, shatter, throw monkey wrench in, handicap, mutilate, invalidate, debilitate, incapacitate

noun. obstruction, hindrance

holdup, rub, tie, drag, restraint, retardation, deterrent, difficulty, stricture, stoppage, bar, setback, drawback, cramp, wall, clog, prohibition, hurdle, red tape, block, bottleneck, fault, load, hitch, manacle, burden, shackle, check, snag, obstacle, dead weight, retardment, trammel, hazard, Catch-22, blockage, catch, barricade, barrier, handicap, detriment, millstone, defect, chain, inhibition, stumbling block, road block, delay, curb, encumbrance, disadvantage, flaw, restriction

verb. meddle, intervene

intrude, get in the way, thwart, balk, horn in, trammel, hamper, jam, hold up, get involved, fool with, handicap, tamper, poke nose in, mix in, step in, remit, intermeddle, foil, interlope, inconvenience, impede, intermediate, hang up, conflict, suspend, intercede, intermit, discommode, hinder, baffle, obtrude, stop, make, trouble, inhibit, obstruct, barge in, interpose, incommode, frustrate, busybody, oppose, prevent, butt in

verb. charge

load, bother, overload, depress, hinder, snow under, snow, hamper, afflict, strain, trouble, vex, freight, pile, bear down on, weight, handicap, crush, try, cumber, worry, dump on, burden, encumber, impede, give it to, press, tax, stick it to, weigh down, dish it out, saddle with, oppress, saddle, make heavy, overcharge, obligate, overwhelm, dish out

noun. burden, debt

debit, arrear, due, indebtedness, damage, inconvenience, handicap, contract, IOU, lease, misfortune, tab, remainder, pledge, impediment, balance, disadvantage, drag, drawback, mortgage, arrearage, chit, contingency, onus, nuisance, obligation, chance, minus, responsibility, hindrance, account, baggage, loan, bad news, millstone, encumbrance, possibility, bite, involvement, indebtment

verb. depress, subdue

overthrow, suppress, saddle, wrong, overpower, force, harry, tyrranize, keep down, aggrieve, ride, press, hound, sadden, put screws to, despotize, torture, overcome, dispirit, beat down, prey on, persecute, subjugate, strain, torment, handicap, abuse, overwhelm, tax, afflict, trouble, put upon, maltreat, dishearten, pick on, put the squeeze on, worry, annoy, put down, smother, burden, trample, outrage, vex, distress, crush, encumber, weigh heavy upon, plague, overload, harass, rule

verb. keep under control; hold back

prevent, bridle, curb, bottle up, direct, box up, restrict, confine, repress, sit on, imprison, hamper, arrest, deter, chain, handicap, cool, impound, fetter, constrain, muzzle, detain, hold, harness, suppress, lock up, bind, keep, contain, delimit, stay, tie down, crack down, debar, pinion, keep down, cork, subdue, jail, keep in line, hem in, control, hinder, tie up, limit, govern, choke back, hogtie, guide, kill, inhibit, proscribe, check, manacle, circumscribe, gag, pull back, curtail

verb. hinder, obstruct

crimp, impede, reduce, bog down, decelerate, down, mire, decrease, bring to screeching halt, slow up, dawdle, flag, defer, retardate, poke, hamper, hang up, arrest, falter, let up, slow down, set back, encumber, shut off, handicap, loiter, close off, shut down, choke off, balk, choke, brake, bog, loaf, hesitate, slacken, lessen, clog, baffle, check, back off, take down, stall, fetter, postpone, hold up, hold back, detain, delay

verb. delay, restrict

lose speed, cut down, curtail, stall, lose steam, temper, decelerate, cut back, ease up, let down flaps, loiter, brake, handicap, hit the brakes, regulate, curb, rein in, set back, hinder, quiet, detain, stunt, bog down, hold up, abate, diminish, retardate, anchor it, reduce, procrastinate, slacken, lessen, check, qualify, decrease, embog, reduce speed, wind down, reef, postpone, hold back, relax, retard, back-water, choke, impede, ease off, mire, keep waiting, lag, moderate

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