Keen Meaning

adjective enthusiastic adjective sharp, piercing adjective intelligent

Keen synonyms

eager, animated, fervent, fierce, appetent, gung ho, earnest, fervid, sprightly, impassioned, avid, interested, zealous, breathless, intent, ardent, lively, vehement, impatient, athirst, fond of, warm, thirsty, agog, dying to, intense, vivacious, alert, anxious, spirited, devoted, animate, perfervid, ebullient

Keen antonyms

peaceful, unconcerned, dull, ignorant, dispassionate, stupid, unenthusiastic, lethargic, pointless, uninterested, apathetic, indifferent, cool, idiotic, blunt, obtuse, reluctant, calm

Nap meaning

Keen related words

adjective. able to perform well; having a proven capacity

know backwards and forwards, intelligent, know one’s onions, there, up to it, gifted, clever, accomplished, dexterous, brilliant, capable, prepared, ingenious, trained, adroit, sharp, with it, proficient, up to snuff, efficient, equal to, masterly, effectual, experienced, masterful, artful, skillful, know the ropes, qualified, au fait, responsible, skilled, learned, keen, up to speed, deft, talented, facile, effective, powerful, practiced, agile, savvy, expert, smart

adjective. very involved in activity

frisky, spry, alive, bold, forceful, aggressive, nimble, quick, dashing, ready, hard-working, diligent, dynamic, keen, purposeful, high-spirited, on the move, zealous, persevering, bustling, alert, inventive, brisk, enterprising, lively, intense, eager, industrious, hyper, eventful, enlivened, busy, resolute, engaged, energetic, fireball, rapid, animated, dexterous, assiduous, agile, whiz, forcible, sprightly, chipper, enthusiastic, fresh, jumping, sharp, daring, perky, determined, pushing

adjective. able to perform well; having a proven capacity

au fait, up to speed, experienced, equal to, know backwards and forwards, agile, savvy, smart, know one’s onions, facile, with it, deft, skillful, accomplished, prepared, up to it, skilled, talented, capable, powerful, practiced, efficient, proficient, intelligent, masterly, there, adroit, sharp, clever, know the ropes, keen, expert, qualified, brilliant, artful, gifted, dexterous, effective, masterful, effectual, up to snuff, responsible, ingenious, trained, learned

adjective. severe, intense

violent, excruciating, stabbing, overwhelming, poignant, overpowering, shooting, cutting, severe, fierce, exquisite, sudden, keen, racking, distressing, piercing, powerful, sharp

adjective. held in great respect

zero cool, peachy, ace, unreal, worthy, meritable, attractive, praiseworthy, laudable, superior, dream, choice, valuable, crackerjack, cat’s pajamas, estimable, solid, hunky dory, excellent, wonderful, best ever, neat, deserving, copacetic, fine, wicked, rare, A-OK, A-1, exquisite, out of sight, keen, super-duper, good, meritorious, great, commendable, out of this world, greatest, cool, super

adjective. very enthusiastic

agog, vehement, desirous, keen, blazing, warm, thirsty, fervent, lovey-dovey, lusty, fierce, intense, burning, hungry, spirited, fiery, impassioned, horny, fervid, eager, avid, zealous, passionate, hot

adjective. understanding, recognizing worth

responsive, favorable, satisfied, aware, regardful, keen, affectionate, sensitive, cordial, alive, cooperative, understanding, sympathetic, cognizant, knowledgeable, supportive, magnanimous, perceptive, considerate, enthusiastic, receptive, pleased, enlightened, conscious, friendly, mindful, respectful, kindly, generous, admiring

adjective. bright, ingenious

astute, shrewd, foxy, dexterous/dextrous, sensible, canny, quick-witted, handy, many-sided, talented, sagacious, keen, capable, gifted, quick, smart, pretty, skillful, brainy, slick, adroit, wise, cagey, competent, deep, brilliant, egghead, quick on trigger, intelligent, versatile, nimble, rational, able, alert, inventive, resourceful, discerning, witty, sprightly, good, skilled, adept, knowledgeable, apt, sly, pro, knowing, nobody’s fool, savvy, crackerjack, sharp, qualified, cunning, expert

adjective. bright, ingenious

talented, shrewd, quick on trigger, able, savvy, competent, keen, brainy, wise, astute, sprightly, knowledgeable, foxy, smart, egghead, good, discerning, adroit, quick-witted, deep, quick, qualified, versatile, rational, resourceful, alert, skillful, cunning, adept, inventive, canny, intelligent, gifted, pretty, sagacious, sly, skilled, dexterous/dextrous, nobody’s fool, capable, cagey, expert, handy, slick, brilliant, apt, sensible, pro, crackerjack, witty, sharp, nimble, knowing, many-sided

adjective. chilly, freezing

crisp, frigid, nipping, rimy, cutting, have goose bumps, brisk, raw, arctic, hiemal, wintry, icebox, nippy, sleety, intense, biting, inclement, hawkish, glacial, bleak, sharp, bitter, brumal, severe, shivery, benumbed, cool, chilled, numbed, keen, algid, below zero, chill, snowy, frore, iced, blasting, Siberian, snappy, frozen, numbing, hyperborean, frosty, polar, icy, piercing, two-dog night, penetrating, one-dog night, below freezing, boreal, stinging, gelid

adjective. alert, awake

watchful, certain, aesthetic, witting, remarking, acquainted, noting, with it, in on, known, seeing, attentive, hep to, apperceptive, supraliminal, sure, percipient, noticing, on to, sensible, in right mind, sensitive to, aware, sentient, informed, wise to, alive to, responsive, understanding, discerning, conversant, keen, observing, perceiving, assured, knowing, apprised, recognizing, au courant, felt, able to recognize, cognizant, mindful, vigilant

adjective. chilly, freezing

one-dog night, nipping, boreal, polar, frore, algid, snowy, below zero, icy, bleak, biting, penetrating, benumbed, wintry, chilled, hawkish, icebox, bitter, nippy, crisp, intense, hyperborean, brisk, piercing, arctic, blasting, rimy, chill, stinging, keen, two-dog night, glacial, frigid, frozen, numbing, sharp, snappy, iced, shivery, inclement, hiemal, numbed, cutting, gelid, cool, frosty, Siberian, have goose bumps, severe, raw, sleety, below freezing, brumal

verb. weep and make sad sounds

moan, sob, sorrow, snivel, whine, weep, squall, deplore, caterwaul, let go, yammer, whimper, sniff, yowl, howl, wail, turn on waterworks, crack up, break down, lament, regret, sigh, shed bitter tears, blubber, mourn, put on the weeps, dissolve in tears, fret, bemoan, ring the blues, keen, blub, burst into tears, groan, bewail, bawl, shed tears, grieve, mewl, boohoo, let it all out, choke up, complain

verb. weep and make sad sounds

bawl, wail, caterwaul, put on the weeps, keen, groan, shed tears, weep, regret, snivel, howl, boohoo, crack up, fret, choke up, blubber, mewl, turn on waterworks, break down, complain, bemoan, mourn, bewail, dissolve in tears, let go, sob, grieve, yammer, squall, sniff, sigh, blub, shed bitter tears, lament, let it all out, ring the blues, whine, whimper, burst into tears, deplore, yowl, moan, sorrow

adjective. devious

keen, insidious, wary, slippery, Machiavellian, foxy, shifty, acute, guileful, shrewd, subtle, smooth, tricky, sly, streetwise, crafty, artful, street-smart, smart, canny, smarts, knowing, sly boots, wily, deep, fancy footwork, sharp, slick, cagey, astute, crazy like fox

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