Knot Meaning

Knot is a noun, The meaning of knot in English dictionary is bow, loop 

Knot synonyms

snag, vinculum, ligament, bunch, kink, perplexity, twirl, spiral, bond, link, warp, hitch, helix, gnarl, coil, tie, ligature, nexus, yoke, entanglement, whorl, screw, tangle, rosette, connection, snarl, joint, mat, contortion, splice, braid, whirl, twist

Knot antonyms

simplicity, advantage, line, opening

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Knot related words

noun. collection of something

crowd, group, hunk, swarm, mass, pile, crew, team, host, bevy, bouquet, clump, gang, gathering, band, passel, multitude, number, assemblage, mess, shebang, shock, mob, galaxy, caboodle, quantity, pack, thicket, bundle, cluster, shooting match, flock, oodles, lot, knot, sheaf, batch, chunk, fascicle, blob, spray, assortment, troop, party, parcel, covey, agglomeration, heap, tuft, stack

noun. mass of something

shock, cluster, nugget, knot, clutter, wad, group, parcel, set, array, hodgepodge, bundle, batch, lump, blob, body, bunch, chunk, jumble, hunk, gob, lot

noun. group of something

collection, blob, array, clutch, knot, chunk, batch, crew, covey, body, band, set, bundle, hunk, pack, gathering, assemblage, party, clump, bevy, lot, bunch

noun. blemish, imperfection

weak point, marring, scarcity, gremlin, flaw, rift, lack, birthmark, second, fault, stain, spot, vice, blotch, glitch, discoloration, patch, shortcoming, failing, crack, kink, irregularity, foible, hole, deformity, error, shortage, bug, blot, gap, break, catch, scar, rough spot, deficiency, infirmity, want, weakness, taint, mistake, mark, check, speck, knot, unsoundness, frailty, seam, injury, drawback, sin, scratch

noun. disfigurement, distortion

unsightliness, abnormality, malconformation, damage, evil, misshapenness, warp, \aberration, grossness, ugliness, corruption, repulsiveness, depravity, malformation, unnaturalness, impairment, asymmetry, contortion, irregularity, defect, knot, buckle, defacement, injury, hideousness, unattractiveness, misshape, misproportion, crookedness

noun. problem; situation requiring great effort

muddle, hindrance, distress, tribulation, laboriousness, deep water, strenuousness, barricade, pain, strain, exigency, frustration, quagmire, strait, crux, snag, hitch, painfulness, pickle, dilemma, stew, paradox, labor, complication, emergency, stumbling block, check, deadlock, hazard, adversity, struggle, crisis, obstruction, misfortune, mess, scrape, hot water, perplexity, impasse, obstacle, hardship, quandary, predicament, fix, arduousness, knot, dead end, awkwardness, trouble

verb. deform; falsify

deviate, con, phony up, whitewash, put one on, wind, doctor, snow, knot, color, decline, garble, misshape, alter, pervert, buckle, change, bend, angle, belie, contort, fudge, deteriorate, slump, sag, fake, crush, curve, deceive, collapse, trump up, scam, bias, mangle, twist, warp, gnarl, disfigure, wrench, torture, misinterpret, slant, misrepresent, writhe, lie, misconstrue, melt, make out like

noun. mystery

puzzler, cryptogram, question, perplexity, sticker, grabber, puzzle, sixty-four dollar question, problem, question mark, conundrum, riddle, secret, mind-twister, bewilderment, Gordian knot, why, cliffhanger, crux, knot, stickler, parable, teaser, tough nut to crack, mind-boggler, mystification, twister, puzzlement, stumper, sphinx

verb. involve, mix up

hook, fetter, perplex, interweave, entrap, enchain, intertwine, snare, embrangle, ravel, bewilder, snag, unsettle, enmesh, dishevel, ensnare, burden, snarl, set up, complicate, intertangle, impede, tangle, trammel, twist, embarrass, compromise, implicate, come on, duke in, trap, knot, lead on, rope in, confuse, jumble, corner, catch, mat, clog, swindle, puzzle, muddle, hamper, embroil

noun. group sharing a belief or cause

crowd, unit, sector, side, band, junta, camp, sect, division, conclave, lobby, concern, circle, coterie, combine, coalition, combo, wing, minority, party, insiders, entente, gang, crew, splinter group, machine, outfit, conspiracy, mob, design, club, caucus, pressure group, section, bunch, cabal, knot, clique, combination, schism, partnership, confederacy, network, bloc, guild, contingent, intrigue, clan, team, ring, offshoot, set, cell

verb. make secure; join together

solder, hitch, infix, wedge, girth, bar, jam, hook up, hold, chain, rivet, lock, freeze to, embed, hook, glue, adhere, fix, leash, implant, rope, tag, belt, lodge, close, affix, link, string, cohere, connect, couple, batten, moor, button, bond, brace, tack on, tie, weld, bolt, set, make firm, cleave, lace, seal, stay put, screw, band, tighten, hitch on, stick, strengthen, bind, anchor, catch, mortise, unite, attach, knot, establish, truss, grip, nail, cement, settle

noun. group, mob of people

workers, squad, lot, clique, knot, cluster, horde, outfit, herd, tribe, combo, set, clan, shift, crowd, organization, crew, pack, band, bunch, company, circle, club, zoo, posse, troop, troupe, party, team, syndicate, assemblage, ring, coterie

noun. assemblage, accumulation

mass, turnout, union, stockpile, convocation, affair, company, roundup, aggregation, party, association, meeting, pile, drove, aggregate, throng, rally, concentration, muster, bunch, society, huddle, group, gain, band, concourse, horde, congress, crowd, herd, get-together, parley, levy, powwow, acquisition, flock, convention, swarm, function, knot, clambake, junction, congregation, stock, crush, social function, meet, conference, heap, body, conclave, collection, caucus

noun. lump

much, bunch, bulk, morsel, bulge, ball, hunch, clod, crumb, dab, knurl, mountain, part, lot, group, agglomeration, chunk, nugget, cake, peck, protuberan, hunk, pile, bump, cluster, protrusion, knot, handful, piece, chip, portion, growth, clump, bit, block

noun. component, connection

coupler, interface, member, joint, ligation, contact, bond, ligature, knot, part, piece, joining, coupling, yoke, interconnection, hitch, loop, intersection, ring, in, seam, vinculum, connective, hookup, network, constituent, ligament, weld, section, element, articulation, relationship, copula, splice, tie, nexus, attachment, tie-up, channel, junction, association, fastening, division

noun. body of matter; considerable portion

mound, batch, preponderance, sum, conglomeration, lot, whole, peck, concretion, stockpile, mob, plurality, piece, throng, band, majority, much, crowd, block, bulk, troop, coagulation, heap, chunk, pile, totality, stack, aggregate, host, core, horde, great deal, sum total, entirety, hunk, mountain, staple, wad, volume, bunch, lump, gob, combination, group, assemblage, clot, corpus, accumulation, pyramid, load, greater part, shock, number, object, lion’s share, knot, collection, quantity

verb. blend, unite; contrive

interlace, mesh, twine, make up, wind, plait, fold, incorporate, crochet, intermingle, knot, careen, twist, zigzag, splice, whip through, braid, interlink, sew, manufacture, introduce, fabricate, piece together, net, ply, interfold, loop, merge, complicate, put together, create, cue, compose, move in and out, fuse, snake, reticulate, spin, complect, criss-cross, construct, lurch, intertwine, twist and turn, make, build, writhe, wreathe, mat, knit, entwine

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