Nag Meaning

Nag is a verb, nag meaning harass, bother

Nag synonyms

vex, hector, carp at, heckle, upbraid, scold, nudge, work on, tease, bug, irritate, annoy, berate, worry, ride, fuss, urge, torment, harry, badger, prod, provoke, hound, importune, bait, irk, egg, pester, give a hard time, dog, needle, take it out on, plague, eat, pick at, find fault, goad

Nag antonyms

aid, assist, assuage, compliment, praise, support, make happy, please, discourage, help, soothe, dissuade, delight

what does quell mean?

Nag related words

verb. attack with words

offend, do a number on, put down, minimize, hurl brickbat, vituperate, trash, rip up, reproach, sling mud, calumniate, berate, bad-mouth, persecute, cut down, decry, zing, scold, belittle, bash, cap, oppress, tear apart, defame, insult, give a black eye, blow off, slam, sound, nag, discount, cuss out, dump on, knock, backbite, ride, slap, pick on, run down, cut to the quick, revile, vilify, upbraid, rag on, derogate, swear at, signify, castigate, smear

verb. irritate, upset

peeve, miff, work on, be at, tick off, nettle, disturb, abrade, distress, bore, tease, break, harry, hit where one lives, needle, provoke, worry, fire up, nag, irk, trouble, push button, rile, exasperate, henpeck, ask for it, nudge, agitate, plague, bedevil, displease, turn off, badger, gnaw, gall, heat up, madden, burn up, ruffle, T-off, harass, get, beleaguer, egg on, perturb, bug, vex, chafe, be on the back of, ride, make waves, bother, pester

verb. request

pray, entreat, canvass, petition, nag, beseech, urge, obtest, apply to, impetrate, besiege, solicit, woo, implore, worry, plead, abjure, invoke, supplicate, advocate, call to, obsecrate, conjure, crave, requisition, importune, sue, desire, ask, press

verb. plague; hem in

put the squeeze on, enclose, fall on, jump on one’s case, encompass, circle, give a hard time, aggress, infest, dog, pick on, beleaguer, entangle, harass, invade, ring, nudge, give the needle, surround, besiege, start in on, pester, perplex, give a bad time, strike, nag, ride, drive up the wall, badger, bedevil, girdle, storm, assail, environ, embarrass, encircle, hassle, give one the business, bug, attack, compass, fall upon, harry, overrun

verb. harass, annoy; give trouble

worry, exasperate, tease, torment, insult, pick on, needle, perturb, disgust, provoke, goad, nag, vex, molest, exacerbate, perplex, plague, agitate, displease, afflict, pester, dismay, concern, inconvenience, disquiet, aggravate, hurt, pursue, taunt, irk, alarm, ride, disconcert, spite, embarrass, upset, bedevil, distress, disturb, eat, scare, carp at, browbeat, trouble, grieve, intrude upon, put out, cross, bore, badger, hinder, discommode, grate on, tantalize, harry, irritate, pain, nudge, impede

verb. grumble about

make a fuss, deprecate, growl, lay, beef, snivel, disagree, grumble, differ, deplore, yammer, bemoan, oppose, refute, bewail, contravene, reproach, sound off, cavil, defy, accuse, gainsay, fret, charge, remonstrate, grouse, disapprove, look askance, carp, gripe, lament, bitch, demur, criticize, whine, object, take exception to, repine, dissent, whimper, groan, denounce, protest, indict, grieve, wail, fuss, attack, impute, expostulate, ascribe, find fault, bellyache, nag, kick up a fuss, moan

verb. ask strongly for something

badger, cite, clamor for, summon, sue for, insist on, question, solicit, command, necessitate, pray, urge, besiege, nag, importune, stipulate, interrogate, supplicate, press, appeal, enjoin, constrain, force, arrogate, oblige, hit up, requisition, impetrate, knock, apply, hit, request, entreat, coerce, petition, challenge, order, abuse, whistle for, require, postulate, beg, exact, dun, direct, pester, implore, tax, counterclaim, beseech, claim, bid, charge, compel, expect, inquire

verb. worry, upset

eat, grieve, hurt, do a number on, nit-pick, pester, nag, dog, plague, stress, perplex, hound, desolate, push, disturb, bug, ail, make it tough for, irritate, needle, disquiet, harry, afflict, be on one’s case, sadden, oppress, burn up, agonize, miff, get to, irk, strap, wound, torture, pain, bother, depress, discombobulate, torment, break, strain, injure, trouble, peeve, harass, pick on, try, push buttons, tick off, weigh, get, rack, vex, aggrieve, give a hard time

verb. move or urge on

coerce, hurry, press, force, work on, compel, prod, shove, steamroll, worry, motivate, goose, rush, railroad, induce, stimulate, push, actuate, herd, pressure, oblige, harass, propel, kick, animate, shepherd, hasten, encourage, send, impel, rouse, instigate, prompt, provoke, make, dog, hound, put up to, egg on, lean on, pound, overwork, spur, arouse, constrain, goad, chase, spirit up, bulldoze, overburden, inspire, hurl, nag, hustle, act upon, ride herd on

verb. upset someone

nag, ruffle, displease, harass, goad, abrade, irk, get on nerves, trouble, bother, nettle, disturb, provoke, distress, agitate, gall, peeve, torment, irritate, vex, pique, rile

verb. make angry

annoy, foment, offend, nag, inflame, enrage, affront, infuriate, insult, make blood boil, make waves, set, fret, try one’s patience, aggravate, roil, abrade, work into lather, madden, exercise, chafe, set on, exasperate, rile, incite, get, work up, upset, get on one’s nerves, get under one’s skin, anger, irritate, vex, whip up, raise, abet, bug, gall, ruffle, grate, perturb, put out, bother, incense, pique, irk, hit where one lives

verb. find fault with

reproach, preach, revile, jump on, tell off, disparage, rake over the coals, keep aft, ream, put down, rate, nag, objurate, vilify, expostulate, lay down the law, take to task, denounce, censure, rebuke, light into, reprobate, recriminate, chasten, criticize, taunt, berate, blame, lecture, reprimand, castigate, asperse, admonish, vituperate, give a talking-to, abuse, dress down, reprove, cavil, rail, upbraid, chide

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