Nap Meaning

Nap is a noun, nap meaningĀ short, light sleep

Nap synonyms

few z’s, shuteye, forty winks, doze, pause, siesta, nod, rest, microsleep, intermission, interlude, break, snooze, catnap, respite, spot

Nap antonyms


What does nap mean?

The meaning of nap is short or light sleep

Example: You have been working all the day, please go home and have a nap.

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Nap related words

verb. be calm; sleep

take time out, unlax, let down, stretch out, breathe, lean, snooze, relax, compose oneself, nap, lounge, loll, lie still, take a break, ease up, let up, unwind, take it easy, sit down, spell, slacken, refresh oneself, doze, idle, dream, be comfortable, lie by, take life easy, lie down, take a nap, unbend, drowse, loaf, take five, repose, recline, slack off, ease off, laze, be at ease, take ten, put feet up, nod, slack, wind down, slumber

beauty sleep
noun. deep restful sleep

rest, extra sleep, siesta, full night’s sleep, nap, sleep before midnight, forty winks, snooze

noun. fluff

dust ball, down, pile, dust bunnies, floss, fiber, nap, hair, fur, lint, lanugo

verb. be prostrate, flat

nap, stretch out, loll, be recumbent, be supine, lie down, sleep, laze, couch, be prone, lounge, repose, turn in, recline, retire, siesta, sprawl, rest, go to bed

noun. texture

pile, fabric, nature, essence, substance, hand, spirit, feel, nap

verb. be prostrate, flat

recline, turn in, lounge, be supine, loll, nap, laze, be prone, go to bed, sprawl, rest, repose, lie down, sleep, siesta, couch, be recumbent, retire, stretch out

noun. light sleep

slumber, drowse, nap, shut-eye, siesta, forty winks, catnap, snooze

forty winks
noun. short sleep

snooze, catnap, wink of sleep, wink, siesta, rack time, spot of sleep, some Zs, sack time, blanket drill, crash, nap, power nap, zizz

noun. texture of fabric

character, weft, staple, direction, make-up, nap, surface, tooth, current, striation, tendency, warp and woof, weave, fiber, tissue, pattern

verb. be prostrate, flat

be prone, retire, lie down, go to bed, siesta, be supine, sleep, sprawl, couch, nap, rest, lounge, laze, repose, turn in, loll, be recumbent, stretch out, recline

verb. be prostrate, flat

be recumbent, loll, be supine, go to bed, repose, retire, rest, be prone, siesta, laze, couch, nap, lie down, stretch out, turn in, lounge, recline, sprawl, sleep

noun. inactivity

idleness, holiday, leisure, relaxation, sleep, siesta, breather, intermission, dreaminess, refreshment, lull, standstill, stop, nap, comfort, stillness, relief, quiet, coffee break, motionlessness, cessation, time off, somnolence, recreation, recess, composure, pause, repose, letup, calm, forty winks, tranquillity, slumber, respite, interval, breathing space, silence, vacation, downtime, halt, peace, cutoff, doze, stay, break, quietude, calmness, interlude, quiescence, ease, hush

verb. suspend consciousness

hit the sack, nod off, yawn, cop some z’s, zzz, snore, slumber, zonk out, saw wood, dream, bunk, nap, snooze, hit the hay, take a nap, rest, doze, catch a wink, conk out, languish, catnap, hibernate, crash, sack out, fall asleep, nod, catch forty winks, retire, turn in, flop, bed down, fall out, drowse, oversleep, drop off, relax, repose

noun. sleep

nap, dream, nod, hibernation, forty winks, bedtime, the arms of Morpheus, sandman, torpor, repose, land of Nod, slumberland, rest, dormancy, dullness, doze, siesta, coma, slumber, catnap, sack time, lethargy, torpidity, few z’s, snooze, trance

noun. charactertistics of a surface

organization, coarseness, intermixture, fiber, arrangement, strategy, tissue, being, scheme, essentiality, fabric, surface, quality, framework, taste, touch, grain, form, warp, web, nature, structure, stiffness, smoothness, makeup, character, weave, disposition, feeling, make, composition, consistency, constitution, balance, nap, roughness, pattern, woof, flexibility, fineness, sense, essence, feel

warp and woof
noun. texture

scheme, makeup, fiber, fabric, intermixture, balance, framework, constitution, character, arrangement, strategy, make, essence, smoothness, structure, sense, roughness, consistency, taste, disposition, web, composition, feel, nature, nap, touch, grain, contexture, being, quality, tissue, fineness, form, stiffness, feeling, weave, warp, essentiality, pattern, flexibility, organization, surface, coarseness, woof

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