Narration Meaning

Narration is a noun, narration meaning description, reading

Narration synonyms

rehearsal, telling, storytelling, voice-over, anecdote, recital, recounting, explanation, tale, report, account, recountal, story, relation, narrative, yarn

Narration antonyms

suppression, concealment

What does decree mean?

Narration related words

noun. written description of past events

take, story, version, make, recital, the picture, narrative, narration, report, run-down, blow by blow, the whole picture, play by play, lowdown, chronicle, annal, tale, history, detail, bulletin, tab, score, explanation, ABCs

noun. interesting or amusing story

tall tale, gag, reminiscence, narration, narrative, episode, yarn, short story, recital, sketch, long and short of it, tall story, tale, chestnut, incident, relation, fairy tale, old chestnut, fish story

noun. proclamation, declaration

notice, narration, recitation, expression, dissemination, broadcasting, disclosure, reporting, edict, release, publication, communiqué, promulgation, bulletin, report, briefing, divulgence, intimation, publishing, exposing, advice, communication, revelation, prediction, statement, message, broadcast, notification, news, advertisement, exposition

noun. admittance of information

revealing, owning up, squeal, exposé, statement, divulgence, utterance, recitation, assenting, making public, disclosing, affirmation, song, allowance, relation, concession, assertion, profession, acknowledgment, publication, enumeration, disclosure, story, telling, admission, avowal, unbosoming, revelation, proclamation, exposure, declaration, narration, squawk

noun. account in speech, writing

delineation, representation, declaration, writeup, brief, record, yarn, picture, rundown, sketch, specification, recitation, characterization, vignette, fingerprint, portrayal, information, detail, blow by blow, summary, explanation, rehearsal, definition, chronicle, report, portraiture, version, confession, tale, explication, story, statement, summarization, make, recital, recountal, narrative, narration, monograph, presentment, depiction, ABCs

noun. clarification; reason

mitigation, talking, comment, gloss, evidence, excuse, significance, annotation, recital, vindication, telling, story, justification, breakdown, report, writing, history, details, narration, meaning, elucidation, account, commentary, display, statement, specification, rendition, illustration, answer, sense, explication, showing, cause, information, example, tale, description, expression, note, brief, resolution, confession, motive, interpretation, definition, demonstration, summary, exposition

noun. information, revelation

cognizance, announcement, scoop, news flash, specification, headlines, bulletin, hearsay, recital, statement, copy, message, description, cable, enlightenment, story, account, narration, telegram, tidings, knowledge, report, leak, data, scandal, itemization, rumor, front-page news, telecast, intelligence, disclosure, particularization, dispatch, advice, communication, the goods, broadcast, eye-opener, recognition, discovery, word, release, lowdown, telling, communiqué, exposé

noun. announcement

release, broadcasting, notice, expression, news, advertisement, narration, briefing, recitation, prediction, advice, broadcast, annunciation, exposing, communication, divulgence, proclamation, statement, report, communiqué, reporting, publishing, dissemination, message, revelation, bulletin, disclosure, declaration, exposition, publication, notification, edict, intimation

noun. account

bulletin, history, make, reason, narrative, tab, ABCs, the picture, narration, play by play, lowdown, story, version, justification, chronicle, take, report, tale, the whole picture, blow by blow, recital, explanation, run-down, rationale, score, annal, detail

noun. narrative, rendering

recounting, presentation, concert, reading, detailing, portrayal, narration, musical, relation, story, report, recapitulation, telling, musicale, rehearsal, recountal, recitation, performance, description, statement, enumeration, fable, account, repetition, tale

noun. account, story

tidings, write-up, record, picture, message, chronicle, outline, communication, declaration, detail, tale, note, hot wire, summary, scoop, résumé, pronouncement, article, address, brief, rundown, telegram, précis, proclamation, statement, paper, information, narrative, opinion, history, broadcast, handout, wire, blow by blow, dispatch, word, relation, piece, digest, version, recital, release, narration, cable, announcement, description, communique, news

noun. account, news

sequel, serial, news item, record, spiel, legend, narrative, scoop, relation, description, gag, beat, conte, potboiler, tale, autobiography, allegory, fairy tale, information, article, old saw, novel, nonfiction, fiction, saga, chronicle, history, myth, narration, version, drama, recital, epic, cliffhanger, anecdote, apologue, fantasy, yarn, report, book, memoir, adventure, fable, parable, tragedy, feature, biography, long and short of it, comedy, folktale, romance

noun. news

particularization, message, advice, recognition, report, exposé, disclosure, enlightenment, headlines, cognizance, front-page news, account, knowledge, itemization, news flash, telecast, telegram, telling, copy, discovery, leak, cable, rumor, recital, communiqué, release, tidings, announcement, eye-opener, the goods, lowdown, dispatch, scoop, broadcast, bulletin, scandal, communication, word, narration, story, specification, data, hearsay, statement, description, intelligence

noun. expression

announcement, formulation, enunciation, explanation, asseveration, delivery, vent, word, diction, intonation, writ, utterance, voice, pronouncement, definition, voicing, exposition, phraseology, assertion, term, declaration, phrasing, argument, statement, elucidation, commentary, style, execution, rendition, narration, phrase, locution, idiom, mention, interpretation, turn of phrase, vocalization, remark, articulation, issue, language, set phrase, speech, choice of words, speaking, emphasis, communication

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