Obscene Meaning

Obscene is an adj, obscene meaning indecent, offensive, immoral

Obscene synonyms

lustful, shocking, sickening, scatological, shameless, horrible, outrageous, hideous, repellent, vile, blue, impure, disgusting, loathsome, porno, lewd, noisome, raw, ribald, salacious, scurrilous, scabrous, loose, crude, raunchy, coarse, prurient, profane, repugnant, pornographic, gross, lascivious, filthy, suggestive, immodest, licentious, improper, barnyard, wicked, smutty, wanton, bawdy, unwholesome, unchaste, atrocious, dirty, X-rated, foul, evil, unclean, rank, heinous, nasty

Obscene antonyms

proper, decent, good, upright, innocent, pleasant, friendly, gentle, wonderful, magnificent, pure, formal, moral, clean, pleasing, nice, refined, sophisticated

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Obscene related words

adjective. coarse

gruff, vulgar, tasteless, ribald, impure, bawdy, filthy, vulgarian, off-color, base, impolite, uncivil, boorish, incult, barbaric, rude, crude, smutty, brutish, uncivilized, cheap, lowdown and dirty, uncultivated, improper, lowbred, inelegant, raunchy, barbarian, uncultured, raffish, common, immodest, earthy, foul-mouthed, raw, unpolished, mean, churlish, loutish, roughneck, scatological, indelicate, rough, tacky, blue, uncouth, ill-bred, nasty, gross, low, dirty, crass, offensive, foul, obscene, unrefined

adjective. offensive

foul, bad, horrid, horrible, appalling, rotten, noisome, gross, sickening, obscene, detestable, horrifying, beastly, repulsive, loathsome, execrable, terrible, icky, awful, grody, dreadful, disgusting, godawful

adjective. pornographic

dirty, offensive, sexy, adult, off-color, steamy, lewd, sexual, hard-core, raunchy, porn, sensual, smutty, erotic, indecent, porno, bawdy, immoral, fleshy, lascivious, obscene

adverb. savage; vulgar

prurient, irrational, disgusting, ferine, monstrous, animal, loathsome, boorish, unclean, swinish, degraded, coarse, inhuman, piggish, barbarous, cruel, abominable, depraved, bestial, carnal, sadistic, gluttonous, foul, brutal, obscene, gross, repulsive, vile, low, feral, base, brutish, brute

adjective. vulgar, dirty

lascivious, erotic, lecherous, lewd, salacious, gross, prurient, lustful, obscene, licentious, libidinous, risqué, cheap, indecent, indecorous, blue, indelicate, suggestive, coarse, off-color, rude, ribald

adjective. not fine, rude

vulgarian, cheap, rough, base, immodest, off-color, gruff, impure, common, unrefined, gross, nasty, raunchy, rude, uncultured, blue, uncultivated, obscene, improper, vulgar, raffish, raw, scatological, mean, crude, incult, indelicate, smutty, earthy, impolite, lowbred, uncivil, tacky, bawdy, roughneck, foul, filthy, loutish, inelegant, crass, brutish, offensive, foul-mouthed, lowdown and dirty, boorish, low, dirty, ribald, uncouth

adjective. vulgar, unpolished in manner

loud, filthy, backward, uncouth, unenlightened, indecent, gross, savage, raw, foul, loutish, raunchy, ignorant, boorish, indelicate, obscene, inelegant, ill-bred, tactless, insensible, smutty, barnyard, lowbred, grody, cheap, dirty, unskillful, loud-mouthed, awkward, rude, crass, rough, lewd, ungainly, earthy, clumsy, cloddish, coarse, tacky, oafish

adjective. sinful, immoral

no good, obscene, spiteful, unpleasant, base, repulsive, repugnant, wrong, pernicious, ugly, malicious, vile, baneful, revolting, calamitous, rancorous, stinking, bad, villainous, loathsome, hateful, atrocious, destructive, unpropitious, malignant, wrathful, injurious, nefarious, maleficent, corrupt, flagitious, damnable, malevolent, disastrous, foul, vicious, harmful, wicked, offensive, iniquitous, depraved, angry, poison, beastly, execrable, heinous, low, hideous, reprobate

adjective. sexy

suggestive, earthy, lewd, fleshly, salacious, filthy, kinky, bawdy, amorous, lecherous, erogenous, aphrodisiac, impassioned, hot, rousing, stimulating, raunchy, steamy, carnal, sexual, venereal, obscene, voluptuous, blue, off-color, fervid, raw, romantic, spicy, amative, purple, concupiscent, titillating, prurient, lascivious, sensual, amatory, seductive

adjective. dirty, polluted

verminous, crummy, smoky, grungy, muddy, repulsive, vile, miry, cruddy, sloppy, loathsome, yecchy, foul, blackened, begrimed, black, sooty, fecal, nasty, squalid, soiled, slipshod, putrid, feculent, slimy, impure, uncleanly, gross, mucky, scummy, grimy, soily, offensive, slovenly, sleazy, unwashed, obscene, revolting, disheveled, grubby, unkempt, unclean

adjective. crude, vulgar

insensitive, cheap, breezy, dull, boorish, raunchy, inelegant, rough, sexual, ugly, smutty, improper, unrefined, unseemly, lustful, barnyard, callous, rude, obscene, tasteless, swinish, unsophisticated, raw, rank, ignorant, foul, crass, undiscriminating, low-minded, offensive, loudmouthed, coarse, indecent, impure, carnal, lewd, uncouth, sensual, fleshly, unfeeling, sleazy, indelicate, ribald, low, corporeal, voluptuous, uncultured, in the gutter, scatological

adjective. evil, degenerate

unprincipled, nefarious, dishonest, fast, vile, pornographic, corrupt, lewd, debauched, wicked, X-rated, vicious, dissipated, speedy, unethical, indecent, loose, graceless, profligate, shameless, saturnalian, wrong, unscrupulous, villainous, unclean, unchaste, bad, of easy virtue, iniquitous, rakish, abandoned, dissolute, sinful, depraved, reprobate, impure, licentious, obscene

adjective. vulgar, indecent

suggestive, gross, vile, off-color, hard-core, unconventional, unchaste, wicked, improper, rakish, filthy, blue, X-rated, coarse, lecherous, in bad taste, obscene, lustful, lascivious, libertine, scurrilous, taboo, naughty, pornographic, ribald, immoral, erotic, profligate, incontinent, immodest, wanton, foul-mouthed, scandalous, loose, impure, unvirtuous, racy, libidinous, unclean, fast, risqué, indelicate, licentious, salacious, questionable, shameless, bawdy, smutty

adjective. crude, vulgar

unworthy, contemptible, scurvy, crass, wretched, off-color, dastardly, unrefined, gross, rough, blue, rude, ill-bred, raw, sordid, despicable, common, abject, depraved, uncouth, undignified, base, coarse, disgraceful, unbecoming, nasty, offensive, woeful, miserable, servile, ignoble, dishonorable, vile, disreputable, scruffy, inelegant, mean, crumby, menial, degraded, scrubby, woebegone, obscene

adjective. unnatural, shocking

satanic, diabolical, atrocious, inhuman, vicious, foul, preposterous, teratoid, devilish, cruel, miscreated, loathsome, fiendish, abnormal, aberrant, heinous, disgraceful, grotesque, horrifying, obscene, infamous, horrendous, uncanny, frightful, macabre, evil, morbid, scandalous, hellish, freakish, flagitious, villainous, odious, egregious, intolerable, desperate, rank, hideous, horrible, gruesome, outrageous, ominous, unusual, dreadful, terrible

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adjective. sinful, immoral

damnable, villainous, angry, execrable, low, disastrous, loathsome, offensive, bad, no good, base, revolting, malignant, injurious, baneful, corrupt, destructive, unpropitious, beastly, flagitious, harmful, vicious, repugnant, stinking, iniquitous, heinous, rancorous, foul, unpleasant, malevolent, ugly, reprobate, wrong, vile, spiteful, pernicious, wicked, atrocious, malicious, poison, maleficent, hideous, depraved, obscene, hateful, calamitous, repulsive, nefarious, wrathful

adjective. shocking, gruesome

raunchy, violent, salty, grim, racy, startling, ghastly, horrible, grisly, yellow, horrid, sanguine, ashen, off-color, vivid, exaggerated, rough, deep, extreme, macabre, low-down, gory, revolting, graphic, sinister, bloody, livid, horrifying, terrifying, hideous, fiery, purple, disgusting, melodramatic, distinct, obscene, terrible, savage, sensational, offensive

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