Factual Meaning

Factual is an adj, the English word factual meaning real, correct

Factual synonyms

objective, accurate, positive, close, kosher, certain, unadorned, undoubted, circumstantial, card-carrying, straight from horse’s mouth, actual, authentic, sure-enough, unquestionable, true, specific, precise, true-to-life, on the level, legit, hard, descriptive, veritable, valid, sure, literal, genuine, exact, righteous, legitimate, absolute, unbiased, credible, faithful

Factual antonyms

biased, wrong, careless, incorrect, questionable, false, read more

Superb Meaning

Superb is an adjective, superb meaning excellent, first rate

Superb synonyms

exalted, breathtaking, fine, state-of-the-art, admirable, splendid, unrivaled, optimum, proud, optimal, majestic, resplendent, gorgeous, superlative, stunning, outstanding, very best, choice, lofty, marvelous, best, glorious, noble, splendorous, great, elegant, superior, magnificent, solid, august, grand, super, splendiferous, prime, sublime, peerless, exquisite, standout, elevated, matchless

Superb antonyms

poor, insignificant, crude, inferior, second-rate, read more

Buff Meaning

Buff verb polish to a shine, adjective sandy color, noun enthusiast

Buff synonyms

scour, pumice, shine, burnish, smooth, gloss, rub, glaze, furbish, brush, sandpaper

Buff antonyms


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Buff related words

noun. person who has compulsion toward

practitioner, freak, fan, buff, activity, nut, often injurious aficionado, hound, junkie, devotee, enthusiast, fanatic, fiend, follower, habitué, zealot

noun. expert, animate or inanimate

Bible, virtuoso, exec, brains, textbook, specialist, egghead, expert, read more

Veneer Meaning

Veneer is a noun, veneer meaning pretense, front

Veneer synonyms

disguise, exterior, window dressing, covering, guise, gloss, semblance, overlay, layer, coating, cover, facade, face, leaf, appearance, mask, show, surface, finish

Veneer antonyms


What does veneer mean?

The meaning of veneer is pretense, front

Example: ‘I didn’t want to apply a wood veneer, or a phony finish to my iPod.’

Veneer related words

noun. cover; coat

camouflage, manteau, guise, wrap, shield, mask, blind, mantle, disguise, front, semblance, cape, shawl, read more

Phony Meaning

Phony adjective, phony meaning fake, false

Phony synonyms

forged, bogus, imitation, affected, pseudo, trick, spurious, counterfeit, sham, put-on, assumed, artificial

Phony antonyms

authentic, real, genuine, true, sincere

What does phony mean?

The meaning of phony is fake, false

Example:- ‘There is a big problem with counterfeit phony drugs and pharmaceuticals’

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Phony related words

adjective. hypocritical

lying, spurious, insincere, affected, jivey, canting, deluding, unctuous, specious, bland, dissembling, caviling, read more

Shrine Meaning

Shrine is a noun, shrine meaning tribute to a god, idol, or spirit

Example: All Krishna shrines are very beautiful.

Do you know husky meaning?

Shrine synonyms

temple, holy place, ashram, sanctuary, hallowed place, sacred place, sanctum, enshrinement, mausoleum, sepulcher, sanctorium, altar, reliquary, chapel

Shrine related words

noun. house of worship

place of worship, chapel, pagoda, synagogue, pantheon, holy place, tabernacle, sanctuary, cathedral, church, house of prayer, shrine, house, house of God, mosque

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Husky Meaning

Husky is an adjective, husky meaning deep, scratchy in sound 

Example: Her voice became a husky and erotic whisper

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Husky synonyms

growling, guttural, harsh, throaty, croaky, croaking, rough, gruff, loud, raucous, hoarse, rasping

Husky antonyms

soft, quiet, little, small, thin, low

Husky related words

adj. large, great

prodigious, capacious, extensive, mondo, fat, whopping, ponderous, tremendous, spacious, packed, whopper, mammoth, husky, stuffed, immense, super colossal, ample, full, awash, a whale of a, brimming, voluminous, read more

Bald Meaning

Bald is an adjective, bald meaning having no covering

KIN meaning

Bald synonyms

depilated, exposed, head, smooth, stark, glabrous, shaven, naked, uncovered, baldheaded, skin head, barren, hairless, bare

What does kin mean?

The meaning of kin is “having no covering.”

Bald antonyms

decorated, hirsute, adorned, clothed, hairy, full

Bald related words

adjective. grim, barren

bare-bones, bare, vanilla, dour, spartan, unembellished, plain, severe, bleak, stark, primitive, rustic, bald, unadorned, clean, spare, simple, subdued

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Kin Meaning

Kin is a noun, kin meaning blood relative

Example: All of the fathers and mothers relatives are considered as kin.

What does kin mean?

The dictionary meaning or definition of kin is “blood relative.”

Do you know LAYOUT meaning?

Kin synonyms

kinsperson, family, tribe, relationship, kindred, people, extraction, folk, stock, consanguinity, kinsfolk, blood, connection, kinship, cousin, member, race, sibling, clan, house, kith, lineage, affinity, relation

Kin related words

noun. male sibling

kin, twin, relation, blood read more

Layout Meaning

The English word layout is a noun, layout meaning physical arrangement

Example: The road layout is so cool with green trees on both sides!

Tribute meaning

Layout synonyms

design, organization, map, formation, diagram, draft, , purpose, plan, geography, chart, outline, blueprint

Layout related words

noun. an understanding

package deal, frame-up, adjustment, terms, game plan, compact, schedule, provision, compromise, plan, layout, preparation, deal, organization, setup, settlement, agreement, package

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Tribute Meaning

Tribute is a noun, the english word tribute meaning testimonial, praise

Example: This gathering will pay tribute to Albert Einstein and present the latest findings in the scientific world.

Homage meaning

Tribute synonyms

accolade, recommendation, laudation, recognition, offering, honor, panegyric, eulogy, encomium, citation, salvo, applause, appreciation, salutation, gratitude, compliment, respect, gift, acknowledgment, memorial, esteem, commendation

Tribute antonyms

criticism, dishonor, censure, loss, blame, disrespect, condemnation, read more

Kosher Meaning

Kosher is an adjective, kosher means ritually proper

Kosher synonyms

clean, undefiled, decent, apropos, ritually pure

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Kosher related words

adjective. acceptable

trendy, on the ball, all right, big, adequate, cool, large, on the beam, standard, sufficient, in the swim, kosher, average, delightful, hep, up to snuff, swell, pleasing, hunky-dory, peachy keen, decent, pleasant, satisfactory, moderate, fair, up to code, fairish, okay, hip, unobjectionable, A-OK, passable, common, tolerable, admissible, right on, read more

Homage Meaning

Homage is a noun, homage meaning devotion, admiration

Example: There are a actually a few specific things in that novel which are homage to his book.

Manuscript meaning

Homage synonyms

deference, loyalty, genuflection, esteem, tribute, fidelity, fealty, reverence, service, adulation, praise, obeisance, , awe, kneeling, duty, worship, faithfulness, adoration, respect, allegiance, honor

Homage antonyms

condemnation, disrespect, faithlessness, inconstancy, Antonyms for homage, scorn, disloyalty, censure, treachery, criticism, disregard, read more

Chunky Meaning

Chunky is an adjective, chunky meaning fat, plump

Chunky Synonyms

beefy, thickset, dumpy, stubby, chubby, husky, rotund, scrub, thick-bodied, stocky, stout, heavyset, squat

Chunky antonyms

underweight, thin, skinny, slim

What does chunky mean?

The dictionary meaning of chunky is fat, plump

Example: ‘The lady wore gray fabric pant with a chunky white studded belt, then a tight red t-shirt with dark red stripes.’

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Chunky related words

adjective. having great weight

zaftig, built, burdensome, stout, gravid, porcine, weighted, read more

FMO Meaning

Federal Mogul Corporation

Flatland Meteorological Observatory

Faculty Medical Offices

Flexible Macroblock Ordering

Financial Management Operations


Family Medical Officer

Frontier Molecular Orbital

Fast Moving Object

Forced Migration Online

Fear Of Missing Out


Federation of Manufacturing Opticians

Financial Mechanism Office

Field Marketing Organization

Federation of Muslim Organisations

Future Music Oregon


Field Maintenance Office

Felix Mendelssohn’s Opus

Facilities Management Office

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Manuscript Meaning

Manuscript is a noun, manuscript meaning book or script

Manuscript synonyms

palimpsest, document, hard copy, composition, text, article

What does Manuscript Mean?

The dictionary meaning of manu script is book or script

Example: ‘The manuscript “patanjali yoga sutras” was written by patanjali maharshi 5000 years back and he is a great enlightened master.

OAF meaning

Manuscript related words

noun. written or musical creation

article, music, thesis, rhapsody, score, romance, play, arrangement, writing, stanza, essay, melody, read more

PPD Meaning


Purified Protein Derivative

Personal And Professional Development

Postscript Printer Driver

Partial Packet Discard

Program Package Document


Postscript Printer Definition

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

Post Pardum Depression

Policy And Practice Development

Post Partum Depression


Permanent Partial Disability

Packs Per Day

Promotional Products Distributor

PostScript Printer Description

Periodic Points Dense


Permanenet Partial Disability

Production Planning Department

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Oaf Meaning

Oaf is a noun, oaf meaning person who is clumsy, stupid

Example: I don’t want to marry like other oaf, i want to live free life with my girl friend without any commitments.

Lout meaning

Oaf synonyms

clown, dumb ox, , simpleton, ox, brute, klutz, beast, moron, nincompoop, bruiser, blunderer, loser, dolt, fool, idiot, sap, chump, lout, clod, dunce, imbecile, goon

Oaf Antonyms

genius, brain, handyman

Oaf related words

noun. clod

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