Pain Meaning

Pain is a noun, pain meaning physical suffering

Pain synonyms

sickness, ache, burn, torture, crick, malady, tenderness, throb, smarting, tingle, throe, laceration, gripe, wound, spasm, paroxysm, torment, twinge, misery, sting, trouble, affliction, illness, stitch, strain, hurt, soreness, fever, distress, convulsion, catch, cramp, pang, agony, prick, injury, irritation, discomfort

Pain antonyms

aid, pleasure, cheer, benefit, assistance, ease, peace, help, good health, relief, blessing, advantage, health, comfort, wellness, joy, well-being, happiness, contentment

What does nag mean?

Pain related words

verb. cause or become hurt

try, annoy, harass, trouble, lacerate, press, vex, grieve, bother, strike, worry, harrow, distress, pester, irk, martyr, agonize, harry, beset, crucify, torment, plague, burden, pain, torture, wound, rack, smite, oppress

verb. suffer or cause another to suffer

crucify, bleed, distress, take it badly, labor, hurt, pain, martyr, wince, strain, worry, harrow, stew over, disturb, lament, eat heart out, torture, rack, try, strive, excruciate, sing the blues, torment, struggle, carry on, writhe, squirm, afflict

verb. harass, annoy; give trouble

put out, afflict, tantalize, exasperate, irk, worry, irritate, grieve, pick on, perplex, browbeat, perturb, taunt, alarm, disconcert, goad, provoke, displease, scare, pursue, molest, hinder, hurt, eat, disgust, grate on, embarrass, aggravate, trouble, spite, torment, needle, dismay, insult, nudge, cross, badger, ride, inconvenience, intrude upon, discommode, tease, vex, harry, impede, distress, disturb, exacerbate, bedevil, carp at, concern, bore, plague, disquiet, agitate, upset, pester, pain, nag

noun. problem; situation requiring great effort

deep water, tribulation, trouble, laboriousness, snag, barricade, mess, perplexity, arduousness, distress, scrape, painfulness, predicament, dilemma, hazard, check, deadlock, hitch, stumbling block, adversity, awkwardness, labor, strenuousness, muddle, hardship, hindrance, crux, obstacle, knot, obstruction, fix, impasse, frustration, pain, complication, struggle, strain, quagmire, pickle, strait, exigency, stew, quandary, dead end, hot water, misfortune, emergency, crisis, paradox

verb. worry, upset

stress, desolate, try, break, ail, harry, pester, dog, burn up, be on one’s case, make it tough for, strap, injure, give a hard time, , disturb, hurt, harass, push buttons, hound, trouble, push, pick on, irritate, disquiet, irk, get to, needle, torture, eat, do a number on, miff, bug, strain, oppress, afflict, tick off, peeve, nag, depress, plague, sadden, discombobulate, weigh, aggrieve, perplex, get, vex, torment, pain, nit-pick, rack, agonize, bother, grieve

verb. bother, upset

interfere, startle, unsettle, shake, distress, grieve, tire, perturb, pester, burn up, ail, make uneasy, pain, provoke, excite, amaze, interrupt, trouble, molest, irk, agitate, confound, unnerve, intrude, rattle, fluster, badger, afflict, discompose, arouse, gall, dishearten, rouse, pique, shake up, perplex, harass, disrupt, irritate, worry, unhinge, frighten, astound, outrage, ruffle, distract, complicate, vex, plague, confuse, puzzle, annoy, muddle, alarm, depress

noun. badness, immorality; disaster

calamity, sin, malignity, criminality, pain, misery, suffering, mischief, viciousness, depravity, affliction, baseness, indecency, licentiousness, iniquity, impiety, sorrow, vileness, knavery, blow, infamy, ill, vice, looseness, wrongdoing, turpitude, perversity, woe, harm, wrong, obscenity, misfortune, corruption, crime, curse, ruin, sinfulness, heinousness, outrage, meanness, debauchery, lewdness, catastrophe, villainy, wickedness, hatred, hurt, diabolism, injury, diablerie, devilry, malevolence

noun. mental suffering

melancholy, deploring, worry, dejection, regret, repining, depression, malaise, lamentation, agony, harassment, affliction, mortification, desolation, disquiet, rue, woe, unhappiness, mournfulness, purgatory, heartache, misery, bewailing, anguish, discomfort, distress, despondency, heartbreak, infelicity, dolor, trial, grievance, sorrow, gloom, lamenting, vexation, trouble, mourning, sadness, dole, pain, tribulation, care, bereavement, remorse, torture, despair, bemoaning, wretchedness

verb. badger

irritate, give a hard time, bedevil, annoy, bug, torment, try, hassle, bullyrag, heckle, burn, irk, bait, devil, intimidate, raid, fatigue, plague, despoil, get to, vex, worry, distress, foray, tire, harry, exasperate, noodge, stress, jerk around, bother, hound, gnaw, weary, perplex, rattle one’s cage, trouble, tease, pester, eat, disturb, beleaguer, attack, persecute, maraud, ride, work on, give a bad time, strain, exhaust, macerate, pain

noun. extreme dislike

loathing, bĂȘte noire, malignity, abhorrence, anathema, revenge, odium, mislike, enmity, detestation, scorn, venom, ill will, execration, bother, nasty look, aversion, antagonism, pain, repulsion, grievance, hatred, black beast, frost, animus, abomination, horror, hostility, revulsion, bugbear, rankling, repugnance, spite, nuisance, rancor, antipathy, malevolence, trouble, gripe, no love lost, objection, resentment, animosity, disgust, irritant

noun. misfortune

malaise, mischief, harm, disorder, affection, depravity, abuse, wickedness, injury, infirmity, malice, syndrome, indisposition, disease, complaint, woe, insult, malady, unpleasantness, sickness, damage, suffering, ailment, tribulation, cruelty, trial, misery, wrong, affliction, badness, illness, pain, evil, condition, hurt, trouble, destruction

verb. hurt, harm

break, total, deform, cut up, blemish, distort, blight, maim, cripple, do in, mar, torture, wound, pain, wax, grieve, batter, ruin, vitiate, spoil, aggrieve, sting, draw blood, foul, wrong, deface, impair, contort, undermine, prejudice, distress, disfigure, tarnish, shake up, abuse, weaken, torment, mutilate, damage, hack up, pique, maltreat, mangle, foul up, disable

noun. evil

licentiousness, misery, wrongdoing, malevolence, wrong, sinfulness, affliction, perversity, hatred, crime, criminality, hurt, impiety, baseness, iniquity, knavery, ruin, indecency, villainy, malignity, vice, injury, devilry, woe, meanness, heinousness, catastrophe, mischief, suffering, corruption, ill, obscenity, sorrow, wickedness, debauchery, sin, infamy, calamity, looseness, vileness, misfortune, diabolism, viciousness, depravity, harm, curse, outrage, blow, turpitude, pain, lewdness

noun. penalty

slave labor, forfeit, punitive measures, sanction, gallows, torture, purgatory, chastisement, trial, amercement, abuse, confiscation, proof, deprivation, infliction, chastening, reparation, castigation, disciplinary action, discipline, maltreatment, forfeiture, short shrift, correction, pain, mulct, just desserts, lumps, ostracism, victimization, rough treatment, rod, sequestration, retribution, hard work, what for, unhappiness, comeuppance, penance, mortification, beating, suffering

noun. hate

malignity, rankling, bĂȘte noire, antipathy, hostility, loathing, revenge, nasty look, nuisance, trouble, animosity, horror, repugnancy, malevolence, antagonism, hatred, abhorrence, anathema, repellence, spite, disgust, resentment, grievance, objection, repulsion, aversion, abomination, frost, rancor, odium, pain, revulsion, execration, scorn, venom, black beast, irritant, enmity, no love lost, mislike, animus, gripe, bugbear, detestation, repugnance, bother, ill will

noun. extreme upset, grief

repentance, blow, pain, big trouble, unhappiness, trouble, wretchedness, affliction, tribulation, rue, care, suffering, hardship, distress, depression, woe, trial, melancholy, bad news, anguish, worry, weeping, dolor, mourning, regret, lamenting, misery, blues, heartbreak, remorse, dejection, heartache, agony, grieving, sadness, catastrophe, misfortune, rain

verb. exhaust, weary

put to sleep, ennui, go stale, give out, pall, poop out, dishearten, overburden, disgust, strain, worry, grow weary, peter out, nauseate, drop, wilt, fatigue, sap, drain, fag, deject, debilitate, droop, faint, pain, displease, bush, dispirit, exasperate, depress, wear, overstrain, bore, wear down, jade, fold, tax, crawl, sink, sicken, flag, weaken, overwork, enervate, annoy, distress, collapse, wear out, vex, burn out, yawn, harass, prostrate, fail, overtax, irk, irritate

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