Peg Meaning

Peg is a noun, peg meaning attach

Peg synonyms

join, secure, fasten, pin, clinch, tighten, make fast, fix

Peg antonyms

unfasten, let go, release, loose, detach, loosen

What does pain mean?

Peg related words

verb. judge, estimate

read, look over, calculate, adjudge, examine, eye, have one’s number, check out, price, guesstimate, evaluate, figure, review, size, take account of, survey, figure out, gauge, rate, peg, deem, audit, assess, value, figure in, check, set at, valuate, inspect, assay

verb. make sure

discover, check out, catch on, double-check, settle, find out, divine, peg, get the hang of, confirm, determine, size, eye, learn, learn the ropes, get down pat, verify, make sure, pick up, get down cold, establish, look-see, check up on, pick up on, size up, see, identify, get it down, tell, make certain, eyeball, read, check, get hold of, fix, dig

noun. support

stirrup, skid, grip, sustainer, bar, shore, arm, reinforcement, rafter, guy, splice, block, bearing, strut, lever, strengthener, stay, rib, girder, prop, bracket, vice, band, mainstay, boom, bracer, truss, buttress, underpinning, peg, cantilever, staff, clamp, stanchion, stave, splint, bolster

verb. typify, distinguish

constitute, represent, stamp, define, outline, brand, indicate, button down, typecast, delineate, feature, individuate, personalize, describe, singularize, mark, peg, portray, discriminate, peculiarize, style, make up, designate, belong to, tab, symbolize, pigeonhole, differentiate, individualize, inform, signalize, identify

verb. show as probable; call attention

button down, suggest, put finger on, put down for, signify, peg, name, lead, pin down, make, hint, designate, finger, tab, offer, indicate, direct, imply, tag, bespeak, denote

verb. categorize

organize, match, analyze, tag, put down as, rank out, pigeonhole, regiment, incorporate, size up, segregate, distinguish, arrange, typecast, correlate, allocate, collocate, number, tab, coordinate, type, index, label, embody, break down, systematize, rank, codify, peg, grade, alphabetize, order, take one’s measure, docket, class, allot, brand, group, ticket, range, dispose, size, catalogue, rate, distribute, name, button down, sort, tabulate, put away, file, assort, divide, put down for

verb. designate, mean

tab, announce, flash, add up, put down for, express, imply, prove, tag, insinuate, typify, evidence, put finger on, make, signify, indicate, betoken, connote, bespeak, symbolize, hang sign on, argue, finger, import, symbol, spell, stand for, intend, show, mark, peg

verb. specify as selection

stipulate, tag, show, opt, pinpoint, appoint, name, prefer, apportion, charge, pick, indicate, put down for, assign, button down, elect, reseve, single, define, commission, dictate, authorize, connote, evidence, slot, describe, constitute, allot, finger, nominate, appropriate, set apart, peg, mete, deputize, depute, favor, tap, set aside, make, denote, choose, allocate, pin down, mark, individualize, delegate, tab, earmark, characterize

verb. measure, judge

quantify, take account of, tally, guess, determine, count, peg, estimate, reckon, calculate, scale, size up, value, size, look over, figure, have one’s number, calibrate, figure in, appraise, eye, meter, evaluate, check, weigh, ascertain, compute, adjudge, check out, quantitate, assess, rate, guesstimate

verb. signify, display

witness, prove, tab, bespeak, demonstrate, augur, evince, tag, slot, register, finger, pinpoint, attest, button down, suggest, point to, connote, add up to, peg, denote, announce, mean, hint, evidence, show, make, intimate, specify, manifest, illustrate, import, designate, name, testify, card, imply, pin down, mark, signal, betoken, read, symbolize, record, be symptomatic, express, point out, reveal, argue, sign

verb. keep a record; tabulate

put down for, inscribe, invoice, file, record, docket, chronicle, detail, post, keep count, enumerate, tally, census, run down, itemize, chart, poll, peg, catalogue, numerate, schedule, specify, spell out, place, set down, write down, register, particularize, tab, book, classify, enter, inventory, bill, specialize, button down, arrange, tick off, put down as, enroll, manifest, index, insert, calender, note

verb. calculate, judge

read, gradate, peg, pace off, check, reckon, size up, align, adapt, evaluate, grade, dope out, sound, stroke, compute, time, estimate, size, value, level, average, take account, gauge, calibrate, weigh, bound, rhyme, look over, plumb, adjust, even, limit, figure, rank, fit, appraise, portion, rule, assess, mete, choose, caliper, square, rate, check out, demarcate, determine, eye, regulate, line, tailor, mark out, scale, quantify, shade, beat, delimit, mark, graduate, blend, survey

verb. position

situate, stick, plop, park, fasten, insert, deposit, concentrate, seat, focus, install, plunk down, place, rest, fixate, embed, rivet, repose, quarter, plank down, invest, concenter, peg, fix, plunk, establish, plant, plank, settle, nail, bring, lay, set

verb. identify, recognize

distinguish, diagnose, peg, put one’s finger on, associate, remember, nail, tell, determinate, indicate, finger, pinpoint, determine, figure out, set in context, know, spot

verb. examine closely

check, burn up, peruse, inquire into, candle, take the measure of, scan, view, dig, check out, put under a microscope, eyeball, check over, weigh, look over, scope, perlustrate, canvass, study, sift, watch, consider, pierce, probe, overlook, comb, analyze, dissect, scrutinate, go over with a fine-tooth comb, search, peg, pore over, explore, get a load of, smoke, survey, inspect, penetrate, contemplate, case, investigate, stare

verb. perceive with eyes

survey, make out, behold, look, spot, recognize, peep, beam, regard, gape, glimpse, take notice, get a load of, espy, witness, lay eyes on, pierce, mark, flash, identify, mind, heed, observe, catch sight of, spy, gaze, peg, note, contemplate, gawk, descry, peek, glare, distinguish, scan, detect, eye, remark, examine, catch a glimpse of, scrutinize, stare, peer, watch, look at, sight, penetrate, scope, discern, notice, pay attention to, be apprised of, clock, inspect, view

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