Quell Meaning

Quell is a verb, quell meaning defeat, suppress

Quell synonyms

silence, extinguish, stifle, crush, put down, sit on, overcome, overpower, kill, stop, shut down, vanquish, stamp out, queer, subdue, conquer, hush up, put the lid on, annihilate, subjugate, quench

Quell antonyms

disturb, aggravate, compliment, yield, irritate, build up, agitate, help, surrender, release, praise, encourage, start, perturb, begin, succeed, win, lose

What does narration mean?

Quell related words

verb. lessen, grow or cause to grow less

hang easy, unlax, dull, go with the flow, taper off, let it all hang out, ebb, allay, dwindle, decrease, subdue, take it easy, slow, taper, mellow out, let up, cool it, cool, let go, recede, hang loose, lay back, wane, decline, subside, moderate, diminish, reduce, slacken, chill out, coast, quell

verb. destroy completely

do in, slaughter, extirpate, murder, demolish, abrogate, wipe out, massacre, decimate, expunge, obliterate, extinguish, abate, wreck, negate, liquidate, annul, quell, undo, ruin, eradicate, rub out, wrack, exterminate, erase, quash, take out, raze, abolish, invalidate, finish off, crush, nullify, vitiate, root out, blot out

verb. satisfy, pacify

soften, mitigate, conciliate, placate, diminish, lull, calm, ease, mollify, gratify, quiet, assuage, be enough, make matters up, blunt, tranquilize, alleviate, do, serve, patch things up, sweeten, quench, propitiate, lessen, soothe, allay, compose, content, subdue, meet halfway, quell

verb. calm, bring under control

repress, soothe, ease up, cool, re-collect, restrain, check, rein, arrange, pacify, slacken, temper, appease, tranquilize, modulate, comfort, becalm, reconcile, balm, assuage, contain, collect, lull, quiet, regulate, settle, resolve, allay, relax, adjust, still, placate, console, ease, let up, soften, moderate, suppress, mitigate, control, lessen, hold in, quell, tune down, simmer down, smother, solace

verb. defeat, overcome

overthrow, succeed, zap, whip, prevail, cream, trample underfoot, checkmate, master, foil, humble, throw, thwart, surmount, overpower, override, subdue, total, outwit, shut down, reduce, get the better of, drub, clobber, beat, trash, control, subjugate, lick, bring to knees, circumvent, rout, discomfit, crush, frustrate, wipe off map, worst, triumph, quell, vanquish, overmaster

verb. grow less or make less

shrink, dry up, peter out, slump, lose edge, wear down, curb, lower, degenerate, quiet, calm down, tail off, dwindle, slash, slow down, lessen, die down, narrow down, weaken, check, run low, drop, decay, let up, ease, wear away, ebb, wane, lighten, devaluate, soften, settle, cut down, modify, fade, subside, decline, waste, slack off, depreciate, curtail, fall off, evaporate, abate, diminish, drop off, deteriorate, reduce, slacken, restrain, crumble, droop, sink, wither, contract, quell, shrivel

verb. frustrate

stump, discomfit, cross, nullify, reduce, nonplus, throw for loop, counterplot, subdue, neutralize, quell, victimize, overturn, outwit, undo, circumvent, beat down, foil, surmount, take wind out of sails, confound, invalidate, squash, cause setback, beat the system, checkmate, contravene, puzzle, cast down, spoil, nose out, bury, disconcert, thwart, edge out, disappoint, balk, refute, shave, cook, blank, scuttle, block, subjugate, ruin, baffle, skunk, put end to, disprove, shellac

verb. demolish, devastate

crush, snuff out, lay waste, swallow up, ravage, torpedo, level, wax, zap, shatter, wipe out, quash, despoil, ravish, ruin, nullify, spoliate, overturn, wreck, dismantle, stamp out, abort, axe, waste, tear down, mutilate, eradicate, erase, raze, total, slay, nuke, damage, liquidate, blot out, mar, dispatch, deface, extinguish, maraud, quell, sabotage, extirpate, trash, gut, exterminate, suppress, annul, break down, consume, end, kill, smash, vaporize, maim, cream, desolate, impair, annihilate, butcher

verb. calm, ease off

qualify, compose, quiet, lay back, subdue, cool, stroke, quiet down, decrease, cease, quell, balm, die down, tranquilize, let up, still, put a lid on, slacken, take the sting out, hush, take it easy, chill out, subside, diminish, wane, ebb, lullaby, settle, dwindle, allay, moderate, soft-pedal, becalm, fall, cool off, soothe, take the edge, temper, abate, pacify

verb. pacify, soothe

decrease, appease, mellow, blunt, quiet, assuage, diminish, pacify, compose, cushion, ameliorate, mitigate, modify, reduce, quell, ease, tranquilize, temper, placate, allay, calm, cool, propitiate, conciliate, moderate, sweeten, take sting out, fix up, relieve, lessen, patch things up, alleviate, abate, lull, soften, dulcify, lighten

verb. decrease

run low, wither, curb, restrain, droop, contract, diminish, tail away, dwindle, fade, wear down, rebate, slacken, subside, abate, degenerate, weaken, die down, check, reduce, quell, lighten, evaporate, narrow down, lessen, wear away, soften, sink, shrivel, fall off, cut down, taper, crumble, settle, slack off, peter out, drain, let up, slow down, quiet, depreciate, lose edge, dry up, tail off, shrink, deteriorate, lower, calm down, ebb, wane, decline, decay, ease, slump, slash, curtail, drop, modify, devaluate, drop off, waste

verb. silence

dampen, sit on, gag, dumb, clam, suppress, subdue, tongue-tie, dull, mute, decrease the volume, cut short, cool it, hold one’s tongue, hush one’s mouth, quiet, extinguish, stifle, quell, muffle, shush, dummy up, say nothing, shut up, hush-hush, lull, keep it down, soft-pedal, hush, choke off, close up, strike dumb, quiet down, dry up, deaden, overawe, muzzle, pipe down, squelch, still, clam up, cut off, quash

verb. make or be quiet

gag, lull, muffle, soft-pedal, sit on, cut off, decrease the volume, extinguish, dummy up, quash, clam, dumb, dull, subdue, squelch, quieten, mute, dry up, strike dumb, choke off, quiet down, tongue-tie, clam up, close up, stifle, suppress, quiet, hold one’s tongue, hush one’s mouth, quell, hush-hush, deaden, say nothing, keep it down, shut up, hush, pipe down, dampen, overawe, still, shush, cut short, muzzle, cool it

verb. keep under control; moderate

get the better of, check, trample, subjugate, get under control, break, dominate, bear down, break in, overpower, soften, tame, quash, mellow, repress, temper, tone down, restrain, quench, triumph over, get the upper hand, squelch, quell, put down, humble, beat down, vanquish, control, discipline, reduce, gentle, extinguish, overcome, shut down, suppress, quiet, defeat, conquer, drop, overrun, quieten, crush

verb. walk; bear down

stamp, stride, troop, repress, step on, stamp on, quell, step, ambulate, pace, foot, trudge, oppress, squash, plod, march, crush, tramp, hike, traipse, subjugate, subdue, hoof, suppress, trample

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