React Meaning

React is a verb, react meaning respond; conduct oneself

React synonyms

return, rebound, behave, revert, operate, turn back, bounce back, act, be affected, feel, perform, take, reciprocate, answer, get back at, reply, acknowledge, recur, talk back, have vibes, backfire, proceed, function, work, have a funny feeling, give back, echo, counter, recoil, answer back, give a snappy comeback, boomerang

React antonyms

question, keep, refuse, idle, halt, cease, stop

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React related words

verb. behave in a certain way

exert, operate, play part, do, react, behave, seem, conduct, carry, execute, serve, impress as, carry out, comport, appear, perform, give the appearance, strike, represent oneself, go about, enact, function, take on, carry oneself

verb. verbally recognize receipt of something

notice, reply, return, remark, salute, respond, address, react, greet, answer, thank, hail

verb. backfire

react, ricochet, recoil, return, reverse, kick back, bounce back, come home to roost, backlash, come back, rebound

verb. perform, work

move, act the part, take, be in operation, officialize, operate, go, get with it, be in commission, be running, do one’s thing, take care of business, cook, run, do, officiate, serve, do duty, act, react, be in action, go to town, behave, percolate

verb. perform, function

accomplish, turn, run, serve, contact, engage, cook, lift, exert, go, finish, roll, tick, hit, bend, convey, bring about, revolve, produce, achieve, conduct, advance, hum, determine, move, take, transport, do, burn, work, produce a result, be in action, click, promote, benefit, compel, act, keep, react, progress, concern, contrive, get results, act on, fulfill, spin, proceed, influence, ordain, percolate, enforce, direct, complete, behave, carry on

verb. carry out, accomplish

perk, discharge, put through, transact, end, meet, behave, realize, react, bring off, be engaged in, satisfy, do, percolate, comply, move, observe, tick, fulfill, take care of business, run with the ball, work, implement, do justice to, achieve, deliver the goods, go that route, wind up, pull off, dispose of, effect, carry to completion, do to a turn, bring about, operate, complete, finish, take, function, carry through, enforce, execute, act

verb. shrink away

shirk, balk, backfire, quake, blench, rebound, duck, cringe, swerve, shake, blink, shy away, react, quail, tremble, step back, dodge, turn away, demur, falter, shrink, stick, withdraw, carom, pull back, stickle, spring, jerk, kick, waver, reel, start, draw back, shudder, resile, blanch, flinch, wince, hesitate

verb. return

back up, move back, revert, turn, bounce back, come again, come back, reexamine, retreat, reenter, reconsider, double back, circle back, revolve, repeat, reappear, recur, reoccur, go again, react, reel back, revisit, repair, rotate, hark back to, retrace steps, recoil, rebound, retire

verb. act in answer to something

behave, retort, answer back, get back to, field the question, feel for, rejoin, acknowledge, reply, talk back, return, come back, reciprocate, get in touch, act in response, come back at, react, answer, counter, be in touch with, feedback, come in

verb. accept, adopt; use

include, put in practice, play, treat, let in, relish, take in, assume, practice, exert, enjoy, react, perform, effect, give access, luxuriate in, appropriate, exercise, accommodate, execute, deal with, operate, observe, enter upon, welcome, have, admit, undertake, function, behave, do, utilize, delight in, receive, sense, experience, bring, serve, like, work, be aware of, make

verb. manipulate, operate

manage, maneuver, effect, react, tick, move, accomplish, progress, serve, create, drive, implement, bring about, run, perform, force, ply, control, cause, act, contrive, take, achieve, handle, wield, behave, direct, go, function, carry out, execute, use

verb. accept, adopt; use

accommodate, have, let in, function, observe, include, utilize, experience, like, delight in, relish, assume, receive, perform, play, welcome, enter upon, practice, admit, behave, put in practice, take in, exercise, give access, luxuriate in, be aware of, serve, sense, treat, exert, appropriate, do, make, deal with, execute, operate, bring, enjoy, undertake, work, react, effect

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