Sail Meaning

Sail is a verb, meaning of sail travel through water, air; guide

Sail synonyms

set sail, motor, embark, reach, voyage, steer, cross, scud, sweep, move, leave, fly, skim, run, captain, make headway, boat, soar, skipper, cast anchor, shoot, skirr, cruise, dart, tack, float, get under way, flit, wing, weigh anchor, cast off, drift, put to sea, navigate, pilot

Sail antonyms

remain, go, land, walk, stay, stop

What does banter mean?

Sail related words

verb. come into being; become functional

derive from, appear, kick off, get under way, stem from, enter, come into existence, start, grow out of, sail, crop up, take off, germinate, emanate, get show on road, bud, rise, issue forth, dawn, set, spring, be born, happen, arise, come out, commence, emerge, come forth, originate, occur, result from, proceed from, get going, send off, make tick, sprout

verb. work quickly through task

pass, hurry, glide, skim, sail, trip, sweep, waltz, slide, cruise, flit, sally, slip, move, zip

verb. take to the air, usually employing wings

zip, sky out, sail, whoosh, bend the throttle, skim, flit, float, aviate, glide, flat-hat, seagull, shoot, climb, zoom, reach, wing, dart, travel, hurry, take a hop, soar, whisk, swoop, cross, dive, rush, jet over, flutter, skirt, hop, buzz, hover, scud, dash, jet, pilot, remain aloft, operate, jet out, wing in, whiz, take wing, circumnavigate, drift, fleet, circle, speed, control, take flight, barnstorm, take off, mount, maneuver

verb. traverse an area

cruise, sail, bridge, span, move across, overpass, zigzag, cut across, transverse, go across, extend over, ply, pass over, voyage, meet, ford, navigate

verb. glide along without much effort

slide, ride on current, smooth along, skate, float, freewheel, drift, sail, cruise, get by, taxi

verb. race away; propel

scud, dash, spurt, sail, hurry, scamper, sprint, heave, float, run, flash, pitch, speed, skim, launch, course, fly, plunge, rush, cast, throw, career, scoot, move quickly, gallop, shoot, bound, start, fling, scurry, hurtle, tear, spring, flit, thrust, hasten, whiz

verb. move aimlessly

linger, muck, amble, scud, tend, wash, waft, gather, gad, draw near, amass, stroll, hover, stray, gallivant, gravitate, skim, meander, float, flitter, saunter, flit, sail, malinger, go-that-a-way, wander, flicker, dance, accumulate, kick around, flow, ride, coast, aim, flutter, slide, mosey, go with the tide, be carried along

verb. rush

shake a leg, fly, flash, go like lightning, go like the wind, hurry, zoom, haste, dash, tear, barrel, run, get cracking, sail, shoot, scurry, bolt, dart, make time, scramble, quicken, make haste, scoot, run like the wind, get a move on, whiz, hustle, sprint, hasten, speed, race, bustle, zip, whisk

verb. move smoothly and quickly on a surface

spiral, run, slip, slither, coast, stream, float, wing, sail, skip, shoot, flow, skate, waft, roll, soar, descend, flit, skim, glissade, trip, scud, slide, skirr, slink, fly, smooth along, drift, decline

verb. move rapidly, flowingly

flow, fall, whiz, deliquesce, spill, leak, gush, proceed, melt, diffuse, drop, glide, pour, scud, issue, roll, whirl, course, liquefy, pass, spread, cascade, stream, thaw, go soft, go, spin, skim, flux, turn to liquid, dissolve, slide, sail, bleed, fuse, leap, spout, discharge, tumble

verb. move along quickly

career, open up throttle, hightail, spring, expedite, facilitate, help, hurry, advance, whiz, gear up, go like the wind, tear, press on, promote, cover ground, run, dispatch, flash, hasten, belt, quicken, impel, further, get a move on, fly, lose no time, go fast, go all out, rush, aid, urge, gather momentum, make haste, bomb, zoom, gallop, get under way, cut along, ride, assist, bowl over, step on it, sail, barrel, race, get moving, boost

verb. journey on a trip or tour

cover ground, go camping, roam, trek, wander, rove, ramble, explore, voyage, hop, make one’s way, go into orbit, migrate, set out, weekend, fly, sail, walk, set forth, knock around, jet, cover, take a boat, get through, sightsee, make a journey, scour, adventure, move, tour, go, drive, motor, take a train, proceed, transmit, take a plane, junket, vacation, cross, overnight, traverse, go abroad, carry, jaunt, progress, wend, take a trip, cruise, visit, go riding

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