Taboo Meaning

Taboo is an adj, Meaning of taboo allowed, permitted

Taboo synonyms

frowned on, forbidden, restricted, outlawed, out of bounds, reserved, banned, illegal, beyond the pale, unthinkable, unmentionable, disapproved, proscribed, prohibited, off limits, ruled out, unacceptable, anathema

Taboo antonyms

mentionable, acceptable, allowed, OK

What does taboo mean?

The meaning of taboo allowed, permitted

Example: ‘Both Islam and the Christian religions require rigorous observance of fasting and food taboos.’

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Taboo related words

noun. denouncement

proscription, reproof, execration, reprobation, condemnation, commination, malediction, censure, denunciation, curse, damnation, excommunication, reprehension, ban, imprecation, taboo

noun. official forbiddance

a thou-shalt-not, interdiction, embargo, out of bounds, stoppage, proscription, taboo, restriction, off limits, limitation, censorship, no-no, boycott, refusal, prohibition, suppression, injunction, don’t

verb. disagree, renounce, decline

disprove, call on, refuse, forbid, negative, negate, ban, turn thumbs down, oppose, rebuff, say no to, veto, disallow, begrudge, disacknowledge, rebut, discredit, hold back, disclaim, taboo, curb, disown, abjure, nullify, spurn, abnegate, refute, contradict, withhold, revoke, exclude, recant, forgo, disbelieve, forsake, repudiate, disavow, gainsay, take exception to, turn down, discard, doubt, not buy, eschew, sacrifice, keep back, restrain, enjoin from, controvert, contravene, reject

verb. disagree, renounce, decline

negate, hold back, refuse, reject, turn down, recant, discredit, negative, ban, withhold, curb, veto, spurn, disavow, doubt, taboo, enjoin from, disbelieve, sacrifice, controvert, gainsay, discard, disallow, keep back, contravene, exclude, disacknowledge, rebuff, forgo, abnegate, begrudge, abjure, take exception to, disown, revoke, repudiate, disprove, nullify, eschew, refute, call on, forsake, rebut, restrain, not buy, disclaim, forbid, oppose, say no to, contradict, turn thumbs down

adjective. black-market; unlawful

interdicted, unauthorized, bootleg, hot, bootlegged, illegal, shut out, prohibited, illicit, taboo, proscribed, disapproved, forbidden, excluded, banned, smuggled, verboten

verb. disagree, renounce, decline

sacrifice, controvert, forsake, call on, withhold, reject, restrain, spurn, discard, rebuff, revoke, discredit, disavow, forgo, enjoin from, negative, rebut, refuse, not buy, disown, disprove, disbelieve, taboo, take exception to, repudiate, nullify, disclaim, abjure, eschew, negate, turn down, veto, refute, abnegate, ban, begrudge, curb, forbid, say no to, disacknowledge, gainsay, exclude, doubt, hold back, turn thumbs down, oppose, contradict, keep back, recant, contravene, disallow

verb. outlaw, prohibit an action

deprive, inhibit, censor, deny, proscribe, taboo, oppose, obviate, ban, interdict, prevent, halt, stop, forestall, shut out, nix, disallow, obstruct, rule out, shut down, debar, impede, say no, veto, stymie, check, embargo, restrain, put the chill on, hold up, freeze, enjoin, forfend, restrict, preclude, exclude, spike, block, lock up, cancel, hinder, declare illegal, withhold

verb. outlaw, prohibit an action

spike, taboo, restrict, ban, declare illegal, halt, inhibit, restrain, debar, censor, proscribe, say no, shut out, shut down, nix, impede, freeze, forestall, prevent, block, rule out, veto, preclude, cancel, hold up, deny, exclude, deprive, check, interdict, stop, hinder, put the chill on, forfend, oppose, obviate, embargo, obstruct, disallow, lock up, enjoin, stymie, withhold

adjective. against the law

actionable, banned, black-market, irregular, outlawed, racket, heavy, wildcat, crooked, not legal, taboo, extralegal, shady, verboten, sub rosa, unconstitutional, unwarranted, smuggled, criminal, lawless, bootleg, unwarrantable, not approved, illegitimate, illicit, prosecutable, unlicensed, violating, outside the law, prohibited, unauthorized, felonious, contraband, unofficial, interdicted, hot, proscribed, forbidden, wrongful, under the table, unlawful

verb. restrict, prevent

sandbag, suppress, bit, faze, cramp, hold back, hog-tie, hinder, prohibit, outlaw, discourage, hold down, bridle, constrain, withhold, bar, ward, stop, obstruct, frustrate, enjoin, forbid, put on brakes, hold in, curb, keep in, check, repress, impede, restrain, arrest, hang up, avert, interdict, taboo, stymie

adjective. vulgar, indecent

incontinent, loose, X-rated, libidinous, erotic, smutty, hard-core, questionable, lecherous, unchaste, naughty, racy, indelicate, wicked, salacious, in bad taste, unvirtuous, filthy, shameless, licentious, foul-mouthed, immoral, libertine, vile, wanton, impure, off-color, profligate, ribald, bawdy, coarse, unconventional, gross, scandalous, improper, lustful, risqué, taboo, lascivious, blue, scurrilous, fast, suggestive, unclean, immodest, rakish, pornographic, obscene

noun. supernatural power; appearance

voodoo, thaumaturgy, bewitchment, fascination, magnetism, sorcery, superstition, enchantment, conjury, spell, hocuspocus, fortune-telling, devilry, presage, incantation, illusion, voodooism, occultism, witchcraft, diabolism, alchemy, augury, allurement, taboo, conjuring, foreboding, horoscopy, sortilege, legerdemain, exorcism, trickery, prestidigitation, necromancy, of impossible feats by tricks abracadabra, wizardry, prophecy, divination, rune, soothsaying, black art, power, prediction, astrology, sleight of hand

adjective. illegal

not approved, illegitimate, wildcat, heavy, under the table, irregular, illicit, verboten, wrongful, felonious, crooked, black-market, unauthorized, outside the law, proscribed, unlawful, violating, hot, forbidden, taboo, smuggled, prohibited, unconstitutional, criminal, unwarrantable, bootleg, unlicensed, not legal, prosecutable, lawless, unofficial, unwarranted, banned, shady, extralegal, racket, sub rosa, contraband, actionable, interdicted

verb. make impossible; stop

jam up, lock up, gridlock, cork, outlaw, freeze, enjoin, keep lid on, preclude, put chill on, proscribe, rule out, restrain, inhibit, obstruct, stymie, hold up, nix, hinder, debar, put half nelson on, throw cold water on, hang up, put a stopper in, zing, put a lock on, interdict, block, cool, tie up, shut out, put down, veto, ban, bring to screeching halt, kill, prevent, pass on, constrain, taboo, spike, restrict, forbid, box in, disallow, hamper, impede, forfend, halt, bottle up

noun. magic

theurgy, power, fascination, allurement, taboo, abracadabra, presage, witchery, voodooism, divination, conjuration, prophecy, occultism, astrology, sortilege, magnetism, conjuring, diabolism, exorcism, spell, soothsaying, necromancy, trickery, rune, prediction, fortune-telling, incantation, enchantment, superstition, devilry, black art, horoscopy, illusion, alchemy, witchcraft, hocuspocus, sorcery, witching, conjury, wizardry, augury, voodoo, prestidigitation, foreboding, legerdemain, bewitchment, sleight of hand

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