“T” Slang Words

· T-T Crying
· T.T Crying
· T2M Talk To Me
· T2T Time To Talk
· T2UL Talk To You Later
· T2YL Talk To You Later
· T4P Thanks For Posting
· T4T Tit For Tat, Thanks For Trade
· TA Thank you
· TAB Acid, LSD, Cigarette
· TABOO Forbidden, not talked about
· TAC Cannabis resin
· TACKY In bad taste
· TACO A Mexican Food Dish, Vagina, Derogatory Term For Spanish Person
· TACP Take A Chill Pill
· TAD Small amount
· TADA Exclamation when something is finished
· TAE Trial And Error
· TAF Tell A Friend
· TAFF Person from Cardiff or Wales generally
· TAFN That’s All For Now
· TAFW Time Away From Work
· TAG Personal signature
· TAGL There’s a good lad
· TAHT That
· TAI Think About It
· TAKS Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
· TAL Thanks A Lot, Try Again Later
· TAMW That Awkward Moment When …
· TANJ There Ain’t No Justice
· TANK Large person, heavily built
· TANSTAAFL There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
· TAPPED Crazy
· TAR Not very pure heroin
· TARD Retarded person
· TARDIS Time And Relative Dimentions In Space
· TARFU Things Are Really Fouled Up
· TASTY Good looking, Cool, awesome
· TAT Tattoo, Rubbish, junk
· TATA Goodbye
· TATO Alright, OK
· TATT Tattoo
· TAV Marijuana
· TAW Teachers Are Watching
· TAY Thinking About You
· TAZE Annoy, irritate
· TB Text Back
· TBA To Be Announced
· TBBH To Be Brutally Honest
· TBBT The Big Bang Theory (TV Show)
· TBC To Be Continued
· TBCH To Be Completely Honest
· TBD To Be Decided
· TBE To be Edited
· TBF To Be Fair
. TBFU Too Bad For You
· TBH To Be Honest
· TBM Tactical Boyfriend Mention
· TBMS To Be More Specific
· TBNT Thanks, But No Thanks
· TBPH To Be Perfectly Honest
· TBQF To Be Quite Frank
· TBQFH To Be Quite F***ing Honest
· TBQH To Be Quite Honest
· TBR To Be Real
· TBS Tablespoon, To Be Specified
· TBSS Too Bad, So Sad
· TBT Truth Be Told
· TBTF Too Big To Fail
· TBTG Thanks Be To God
· TBTH To Be Totally Honest
· TBTP That’s Beside The Point
· TBU To Be Updated
· TBX To Be Exact
· TBYS Think Before You Speak
· TC Take Care
· TCB Taking Care of Business
· TCBY The Country’s Best Yogurt
· TCCIC Take Care ‘Cause I Care
· TCFC Too Close For Comfort
· TCFN Take Care For Now
· TCFS Too Cool For School
· TCG Trading Card Game
· TCGB Take Care, God Bless
· TCH Sound of disagreement, frustration
· TCK Third Culture Kid
· TCL Tool Command Language
· TCOB Taking Care of Buisness
· TCOY Take Care Of Yourself
· TCP Transmission Control Protocol
· TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
· TCTC To Close To Call
· TD Touchdown
· TDDUP Til Death Do Us Part
· TDDWP Til Death Do We Part
· TDF To Die For
· TDG Too Damn Good, Three Days Grace (band)
· TDH Tall, Dark, and Handsome
· TDI Turbo Direct Injection, Turbo Diesel Injection
· TDL To Do List
· TDM Team DeathMatch
· TDOT Toronto
· TDS Technical Dificulties
· TDTF Too Drunk to Function
· TDWP The Devil Wears Prada (Band)
· TDY Temporarily Deployed for a Year
· TE AMO I love you (Spanish)
· TEAL DEER same as TLDR
· TEC Tec 9 handgun
· TECH Technician, Technology
· TEE T-shirt
· TEEF Steal, Teeth
· TEEN Teenager, teenage
· TEH The, Used to emphasise the next word
· TEHO To Each His/Her Own
· TEK Tek-9 machine pistol, Technique
· TEKKERS Technique (in sport)
· TELNET Network Virtual Terminal Protocol
· TEMP Temporary (worker, file, etc.)
· TEN Person with a perfect body
· TEOTWAWKI The End Of The World As We Know It
· TERRIBAD Terrible and Bad, awful
· TEVS Whatever
· TEXT An SMS message sent between cell phones
· TF2 Team Fortress 2 (Game)
· TFA Thanks For Asking
· TFC Team Fortress Classic (game)
· TFCD Time For Compact Disc
· TFFW Too Funny For Words
· TFI Thanks For the Information
· TFIOS The Fault In Our Stars
· TFL Tip For Life, Transport For London
· TFLMK Thanks For Letting Me Know
· TFLMS Thanks For Letting Me Share
· TFLN Texts From Last Night
· TFM Total Frat Move
· TFM2KAU2FO That’s For Me to Know And You To Find Out
· TFMTK That’s For Me To Know
· TFP Thanks For Playing
· TFRM Thanks For Reminding Me
· TFS Thanks For Sharing
· TFT The Frozen Throne (Warcraft III), Thin Film Transistor
· TFTA Thanks For The Add
· TFTC Thanks For The (Geo)Cache
· TFTD Thought For The Day
· TFTI Thanks For The Info
· TFTL Thanks for the Link
· TG Thank God, Transgender, Too Good
· TGAL Think Globally, Act Locally
· TGE Misspelling of ‘the’
· TGFG Thank God For Google
· TGFI Thank God For the Internet
· TGFL Thank God For Life
· TGFT Thank God For That
· TGI Thank God It’s …
· TGIA Thank God I’m Alive
· TGIAF Thank God It’s Almost Friday
· TGIF Thank God It’s Friday
· TGIM Thank God It’s Monday
· TGIO Thank God It’s Over
· TGIT Thank God It’s Thursday
· TGOD Taylor Gang Or Die
· TGP Thumbnail Gallery Post
· TGTBT Too Good To Be True
· THA The
· THABTO Two Heads Are Better Than One
· THANG Thing
· THANQ Thank You
· THANX Thanks
· THAR There
· THC Tetrahydrocannabinol, active ingredient in marijuana
· THE BOMB Really cool
· THE NICK Prison
· THICK Well proportioned, not fat or skinny
· THIS I agree
· THIZZ Ecstasy
· THIZZING Tripping on Ecstasy
· THIZZLE Esctasy tablet
· THN Then
· THNX Thanks
· THO Though
· THOT same as HOE
· THOU You
· THRASH Thrash metal (music style)
· THREAD Topic On A Message Board, Clothes
· THRU Through
· THT That
· THTH To Hot to Handle
· THUG Violent criminal, Person struggling to make something of their life
· THUMBNAIL Small version of a picture
· THUMBS DOWN Sign of disapproval
· THUR There
· THURR There
· THWU To Hell With You
· THX Thanks
· TI Texas Instruments, Rapper from Atlanta
· TI AMO I Love You (Italian)
· TIA Thanks In Advance
· TIAB To Infinity And Beyond
· TIC Tongue in Cheek
· TID Take It Down
· TIDY Cool, good
· TIE Take It Easy
· TIEF Thief, thieve
· TIEM Misspelling of ‘time’
· TIF That Is Funny
· TIFF Argument, disagreement
· TIFN That’s It For Now
· TIGHT Close, Miserly
· TIIC The Idiots In Charge
· TIL Until, Today I Learned
· TILII Tell It Like It Is
· TIM Time Is Money
· TIME Tears In My Eyes
· TINA Crystal Meth
· TINAG This Is Not A Game
· TINALO This Is Not A Legal Opinion
· TINAR This Is Not A Recommendation
· TING Thing
· TINSTAFL There Is No Such Thing As Free Lunch
· TINWIS That Is Not What I Said
· TIOLI Take It Or Leave It
· TIPSY Slightly drunk
· TIRF That/This Is Really Funny
· TIS It Is
· TISA That Is So Awesome
· TISNF That is so not fair
· TITCH Small person
· TITCR This Is The Credited Response
· TITF Take It Too Far
· TITT Throw In The Towel, give up
· TIX Tickets
· TJA Hi (Swedish)
· TK Team Killer
· TKD Taekwondo
· TKM Te Quiero Mucho (Spanish for I love you)
· TKO Technical Knock Out
· TKS Thanks
· TKT Don’t worry (French)
· TL Talk Later, True Love, Team Leader
· TL;DR same as TLDR
· TL;DW same as TLDW
· TLA Three Letter Acronym
· TLC Tender Loving Care
· TLD Top Level Domain
· TLDNR Too Long; Did Not Read
· TLDR Too Long; Didn’t Read
· TLDW Too Long; Didn’t Watch
· TLGO The List Goes On
· TLI Too Little Information
· TLK Talk
· TLND True Love Never Dies
· TLOL Truly Laughing Out Loud
· TLTR Too Long To Read
· TLYK To Let You Know
· TM Text Message, Text Me, Trademark
· TMA Take My Advice
· TMAI Tell Me About It
· TMB Text Me Back
· TMBG They Might Be Giants (band)
· TMBI Tell Me ‘Bout It
· TMD Damn in Chinese, Too Much Detail
· TME Too Much Effort
· TMF Too Much Forehead
· TMH Touch My Hand
· TMI Too Much Information
· TMK To My Knowledge
· TML Thank Me Later, Text Me Later
· TMLT To My Last Tweet
· TMM Tell Me More
· TMMS That Made Me Smile
· TMN Touch Me Not
· TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
· TMO Tomorrow
· TMP Tactical Machine Pistol
· TMR Tomorrow
· TMRW Tomorrow
· TMS Too Much Swag(ger)
· TMSIDK Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
· TMT Too Much Tuna
· TMTC Too Many To Count
· TMTH Too Much To Handle
· TMTOWTDI There’s More Than One Way To Do It
· TMTS Too Much Too Soon
· TMTT Too Much To Text
· TMW Tomorrow
· TMY Tell Me Why
· TMZ Thirty Mile Zone (celebrity news site)
· TNA Total Nonstop Action
· TNB There’s Nothing Better
· TNBM True Norwegian Black Metal
· TNF That’s Not Funny
· TNG The Next Generation (Star Trek)
· TNL To Next Level
· TNLN Took Nothing Left Nothing
· TNO Trust No One
· TNOP Totally Not Our Problem
· TNOT Take Note Of That
· TNSL Took Nothing, Signed Logbook (geocaching)
· TNSTAAFL There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
· TNT Til Next Time
· TNTM That’s News To Me
· TNX Thanks
· TO Time Out
· TO BOOT As well, also
· TOAO The One And Only
· TOASTIE Toasted sandwich
· TOC Table Of Contents
· TOD Time Of Death, Time Of Day
· TOEFL Test Of English as a Foreign Language
· TOEIC Test Of English for International Communication
· TOFT Take One For the Team
· TOFTT Take One For The Team
· TOFU Bean curd
· TOH The Other Half
· TOKE Inhale marijuana smoke
· TOKER Someone who smokes marijuana
· TOL Thinking Out Loud, Thinking Of Laughing
· TOM Time Of Month
· TOMBOUT Talking About
· TOMBOY Girl who behaves like a boy
· TOMO Tomorrow
· TOMOZ Tomorrow
· TON One hundred
· TONG Asian gangster
· TONK Strong, muscular
· TOOC Totally Out Of Control
· TOODLE Goodbye, toodle-pip
· TOOL Person of low intelligence, a fool
· TOON Online character in RPG
· TOOTLES See you later, goodbye
· TOOTSIES Toes, feet
· TOPPER Person who always has a better story
· TOPS Wonderful, fantastic
· TOS Terms Of Service
· TOT Small child
· TOTB Think Outside the Box
· TOTD Tip Of The Day, Tweet Of The Day
· TOTE Carry
· TOTES Totally
· TOTES PRESH Totally Precious
· TOTEZ Totally
· TOTGA The One That Got Away
· TOTM Time Of The Month
· TOTS Totally
· TOTT Think on These Things
· TOTUS Teleprompter Of The United States
· TOTZ Totally
· TOUCH Beat, kill, rob
· TOUCHE Said when admitting opponent has made a good point
· TOW The Other Wiki (Wikipedia)
· TOWIE The Only Way Is Essex
· TOY Thinking Of You
· TP Toilet Paper, Town Portal (diablo 2)
· TPAM The Person Above Me
· TPB The Pirate Bay
· TPE Total Power Exchange
· TPK Total Party Kill
· TPO Time, Place, Occasion
· TPS Totally pointless stuff
· TPT Trailer Park Trash
· TPTB The Powers That Be
· TQ Thank You
· TQM Te Quiero Mucho (I Like You A Lot)
· TR Triple Rainbow
· TR00 True, loyal
· TRA Bye
· TRAW Thick, Rich And White
· TRDMC Tears Running Down My Cheeks
· TRDMF Tears Running Down My Face
· TREE Marijuana
· TRG Tiny Rascal Gang
· TRICKIN Spending money on a girl
· TRIFE Trifling, unimportant
· TRILL True and Real
· TRIP Experience when using a hallucinogenic drug
· TRIPPING Under the influence of drugs
· TRM That Reminds Me
· TROL Police patrol
· TROLL A deliberately provocative message board user
· TROLLING The act of being a TROLL
· TROLOL LOLING at somebody who is TROLLING
· TROTW The Rest Of The World
· TROUT Older man looking for a younger woman
· TRU True
· TRU DAT That is True, I agree
· TRUFAX True Fact
· TRYNA Trying To
· TSA Transportation Security Administration
· TSB True Story Bro
· TSBT Truth Should Be Told, They Suck Big Time
· TSF That’s So Funny
· TSIA Title Says It All
· TSK Sound of annoyance
· TSM Thanks So Much
· TSN The Sports Network
· TSP Teaspoon
· TSTB The Sooner The Better
· TSTL Too Stupid To Live
· TSUP same as SUP
· TT Telegrahic Transfer, Till tomorrow
· TT4N Ta Ta For Now
· TTBOMK To The Best Of My Knowledge
· TTC Trying To Conceive
· TTD Textually Transmitted Disease
· TTEOT Till The End of Time
· TTFAF Through The Fire And Flames (song)
· TTFL Ta Ta For Later
· TTFN Ta-Ta For Now
· TTFW Too Tacky For Words
· TTG Time To Go
· TTGG Time To Go Girl
· TTH Trying Too Hard
· TTIUWP This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures
· TTIWWP This Thread Is Worthless Without Pictures
· TTJASI Take This Job And Shove It
· TTL Thank The Lord, Time To Live (network cache)
· TTLY Totally
· TTM Talk To Me
· TTML Talk To Me Later
· TTO Time To Own
· TTOTM That Time Of The Month
· TTP To The Point
· TTR Time To Relax
· TTT Third Tier Toilet (bad school)
· TTTE Thomas The Tank Engine
· TTTH Talk To The Hand
· TTTT These Things Take Time
· TTTTY Time To Talk To You
· TTUL Talk To You Later
· TTUS Talk To You Soon.
· TTUT Talk To You Tomorrow
· TTUTT To Tell You the Truth
· TTY Talk To You
· TTYF Talk To You Forever
· TTYIAB Talk To You In A Bit
· TTYITM Talk To You In The Morning
· TTYL Talk To You Later
· TTYM Talk to You Ma
· TTYN Talk To You Never
· TTYRS Talk To You Real Soon
· TTYS Talk To You Soon
· TTYT Talk To You Tomorrow
· TTYTT To Tell You The Truth
· TTYVS Talk To You Very Soon
· TT_TT Crying
· TUDE Bad attitude
· TUFF Rugged
· TUL Tell You Later, Text You Later
· TUNE Flirt
· TURF Area, part of the neighborhood
· TURN UP Get Hyped, Excited, Wild
· TURNT Hyped Up, Drunk, High, Horny
· TUVM Thank You Very Much
· TUX The penguin Linux mascot, Tuxedo
· TVD The Vampire Diaries
· TVM Thanks Very Much
· TW Trigger Warning
· TWAIN Technology Without An Interesting Name
· TWAS It Was
· TWD Texting While Driving
· TWEAKED High on drugs
· TWEEKER A methamphetamine user
· TWEET A post on Twitter
· TWEETER Person who posts on Twitter
· TWF That Was Funny
· TWFAF That’s What Friends Are For
· TWHS That’s What He Said
· TWID That’s What I Do
· TWIHARD Die-hard Fan Of The Twilight Saga
· TWIMC To Whom It May Concern
· TWISTED High and drunk
· TWIT Foolish person,That’s What I Thought
· TWITA That’s What I’m Talking About
· TWITCON Profile picture on Twitter
· TWITTER A social networking site
· TWITTER JAIL Having reached your tweeting limit
· TWLOHA To Write Love On Her Arms
· TWOC Taken Without Owner’s Consent
· TWONK Idiot, fool
· TWOP Television Without Pity
· TWOT Total Waste Of Time
· TWS Typical Woman Syndrome
· TWSS That’s What She Said
· TWT Time Will Tell
· TWTMC To Whom This May Concern
· TWU That’s What’s Up
· TWYL Talk With You Later
· TWYMS That’s What Your Mom Said
· TX Thanks
· TXT SMS message
· TY Thank You
· TYB Try Your Best
· TYBG Thank You Based God
· TYFAYS Thank You For All Your Support
· TYFE Thank You For Everything
· TYFYT Thank You For Your Time
· TYG There You Go
· TYJ Thank You Jesus
· TYL Text You Later
· TYLJ Thank You Lord Jesus
· TYM Thank You Much
· TYMBI Thought You Might Be Interested
· TYPO Typing mistake
· TYS Thank You Sir
· TYSM Thank You So Much
· TYSVM Thank You So Very Much
· TYT Take Your Time
· TYVM Thank You Very Much
· T^T Crying
· T_T Crying