“U” Slang Words

· U You
· U.O.E.N.O You Don’t Even Know
· U.U Expressing sympathy
· U2 You Too
· U2B YouTube
· U2U Up To You
· UA4I You Asked For It
· UAC User Account Control
· UAE United Arab Emirates
· UAK You Already Know
· UAN Universal Access Number
· UARK You Already Know
· UAV Urban Assault Vehicle
· UB2 You Be Too
· UB3R Uber, very
· UBD User Brain Damage
· UBER Ultimate, best (German for above)
· UBRS Upper Black Rock Spire (WOW)
· UC&P Up Close and Personal
· UCAP Up Close and Personal
· UCLA University of California at Los Angeles
· UDA Ulster Defence Association
· UDI Unidentified Drinking Injury
· UDK You Don’t Know
· UDS Ugly Duckling Syndrome
· UDWK You Don’t Wanna Know
· UEFA Union of European Football Associations
· UES Upper East Side (of Manhattan)
· UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship
· UFF Expression of annoyance
· UFG Up For Grabs
· UFO Unidentified Flying Object
· UG Ugly
· UG2BK You’ve Got To Be Kidding
· UGC User Generated Content
· UGG Ugly
· UGGO Ugly person
· UGGS Brand of boots
· UGH Expression of disappointment or disgust
· UH Expression of hesitation
· UHF Ultra High Frequency
· UHM same as UH or UM
· UHQ Ultra High Quality
· UHT Ultra High Temperature
· UHU Misspelling of HUH
· UI User Interface
· UID User Identification
· UIN Unique Identification Number
· UK Are You OK?, United Kingdom
· UKT You Know That
· UKWIM You Know What I Mean
· UKWUR You Know Who You Are
· UL Upload
· ULM You Love me
· ULT Last month (from Latin ultimo)
· UM Expression of hesitation
· UMAD Are You Mad?
· UMBJ You Must Be Joking
· UMML You Make Me Laugh
· UMTWTM You Mean The World To Me
· UN United Nations
· UNCE Sound of club music
· UNDIES Underwear
· UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
· UNI University
· UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund
· UNIX Computer operating system
· UNK Crackhead
· UNO You know
· UNPC Not Politically Correct
· UNTZ Sound of a pulsing beat
· UO Ultima Online (game)
· UOENO You Don’t Even Know
· UPG Upgrade
· UPS United Parcel Service, Uninterruptible Power Supply
· UPT Uptown
· UR Your, You Are
· URA You Are A …
· URAQT You Are A Cutie
· URGH Expression of annoyance, displeasure
· URI Uniform Resource Indicator, URL
· URL Uniform Resource Locator, internet address
· URM You Are Mad
· URP Vomit, throw up
· URW You Are Welcome
· URYYFM You Are Too Wise (two y’s) For Me
· US United States
· USA United States of America
· USAF United States Air Force
· USB Universal Serial Bus
· USBM United States Black Metal
· USC University of Southern California
· USCG United States Coast Guard
· USD United States Dollar
· USER Someone who uses other people to gain an advantage
· USMC United States Marine Corps
· USOA same as USA
· USP Unique Selling Point
· USPS United States Postal Service
· USS United States Ship
· USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
· USW Und So Weiter (German for etc)
· UT Unreal Tournament
· UT? You There?
· UTC Coordinated Universal Time, Under The Counter
· UTD Up To Date
· UTE Utility vehicle, pickup truck
· UTF Unicode Transformation Format
· UTFL Use The Force, Luke
· UTH Up The Hoods
· UTI Urinary Tract Infection
· UTO Unable To Obtain
· UTP Up-Town Projects
· UTR Under The Radar
· UTS Under The Skin
· UTT Under The Table
· UV Unpleasant Visual
· UW You’re Welcome
· UWS Upper West Side (of Manhattan)
· UWU Happy Anime Face
· UX User eXperience
· UY Up Yours