“W” Slang Words

· W George W. Bush
· W’EVER Whatever
· W.E Whatever
· W/ With
· W/E Whatever
· W/O Without
· W00T Hurrah
· W2F Way Too Funny
· W2G Way To Go
· W3C World Wide Web Consortium
· W4M Woman looking for a man
· W8 Wait
· W8AM Wait A Minute
· W@ What
· WA Wife Agro
· WA GWAN What’s Going On
· WAA Crying
· WAAM What’s going on, what’s up
· WAAN Want
· WACK Low quailty, lame
· WADR With All Due Respect
· WAEFRD When All Else Fails, Read Directions
· WAFFLE Pointless talk
· WAFWOT What A F***ing Waste Of Time
· WAG1 What’s Going On?
· WAGS Wives And Girlfriends
· WAGWAN What’s Going On?
· WAGWARN What’s Going On?
· WAGWUN What’s Going On?
· WAH Working At Home
· WAHM Work At Home Mom
· WAIFU Wife
· WAJ What A Joke
· WAK Weird, awful
· WAL What A Loser
· WALAHI I swear to God
· WALE Rapper
· WALLA Voila (French for ‘here it is’)
· WALLAH I swear to God in Arabic
· WALLHAX Wall hack (allows a player to walk through walls)
· WALLY Stupid person
· WAM Wait A Minute, What A Mess
· WAMH With All My Heart
· WAMHAS With All My Heart And Soul
· WAML With All My Love
· WAN What A Newb
· WANNA Want to
· WANNABE Someone who wants to be what they are not
· WAO Wow
· WAP Wireless Access Point
· WAPCE Women Are Pure Concentrated Evil
· WAREZ Cracked/pirate software
· WAS Wait And See
· WASH Waste of time
· WASP White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
· WASTE MAN Someone who is a waste of time and space
· WASTED Drunk, stoned
· WASTEMAN Worthless person, waste of space
· WAT What
· WATP We Are The People
· WAU What About You?
· WAUD What Are You Doing?
· WAVEY Drunk, high
· WAVY Well dressed, Very nice
· WAW What A Wanker, What A Waste
· WAWA Convenience store
· WAX Without Any Experience
· WAY Where Are You?
· WAYD What Are You Doing
· WAYDRN What Are You Doing Right Now?
· WAYLT What Are You Listening To?
· WAYOA What Are You On About?
· WAYTA What Are You Talking About
· WAYWO What Are You Working On?
· WAZ UP What’s Up?
· WB Welcome Back, Write Back
· WBB Will Be Back
· WBM Wanna-Be Moderator
· WBN Would Be Nice
· WBR With Best Regards
· WBS Write Back Soon
· WBT Will Be There
· WBU What About You?
· WBW White Boy Wasted
· WBY What (A)bout You?
· WC Welcome, Water Closet, toilet
· WCB Will Call Back
· WCD What Chu Doing?
· WCG World Cyber Games
· WCIS What Can I Say
· WCS Worst Case Scenario
· WCW World Championship Wrestling
· WCYD What Can You Do?
· WD Well Done
· WD40 Multi-purpose lubricant
· WDC What’s Da Craic?
· WDE Worst Day Ever
· WDFD Whoop Dee F***ing Doo
· WDH What Da Hell
· WDIB Why Do I Bother?
· WDIC What Do I Care?
· WDIM What Does It Mean?
· WDITOT Why Didn’t I Think Of That
· WDMB Will Do My Best
· WDOML Worst Day Of My Life
· WDTM What Does That Mean?
· WDUD What Do You Do?
· WDUM What Do You Mean?
· WDUT What Do You Think?
· WDW Who Dares Wins
· WDY Why Don’t You?
· WDYD What Did You Do?
· WDYDT Why Did You Do That?, What Did You Do Today?
· WDYE What Did You Expect?
· WDYG Where Did You Go?
· WDYM What Do You Mean?
· WDYMBT What Do You Mean By That?
· WDYS What Did You Say?
· WDYT What Do You Think?
· WDYW What Do You Want?
· WDYWFM What Do You Want From Me?
· WDYWT What Did You Wear Today?
· WDYWTTA What Do You Want To Talk About?
· WE Whatever
· WEB World wide web, internet
· WEBA Welcome Back
· WEBINAR Web based seminar
· WEE Small
· WEED Marijuana
· WEEE Exclamation of excitement
· WEF With Effect From
· WEG Wicked Evil Grin, Wide Evil Grin
· WEHT What Ever Happened To?
· WEIN What Else Is New?
· WEL Whatever, Loser
· WELC You’re Welcome
· WELL Very, so
· WELP Well
· WEML Whatever Major Loser
· WENG Good looking
· WEP Wireless Encryption Protocol
· WEPA All right, cool, yeah!
· WERD Expression of agreement
· WERK Expression of approval, praise
· WET BACK Illegal immigrant
· WEV Whatever
· WEVA Whatever
· WEWT Alternative spelling of WOOT
· WEY Dude, buddy
· WFH Working From Home
· WFI Wait For It
· WFM Works For Me
· WFYB Whatever Floats Your Boat
· WGAT Misspelling of ‘what’
· WGC Wild Goose Chase
· WGO What’s Going On?
· WGWG White Guy With Guitar
· WH Wall hack (allows a player to walk through walls)
· WH40K Warhammer Forty-Thousand (game)
· WHA What
· WHALE Punch, beat
· WHATCHA What are/do you …
· WHEEL Chat up, pick up (a girl)
· WHEELING Picking up women
· WHEW Expression of relief or amazement
· WHIP Expensive car
· WHIPPED Controlled by girlfriend/wife
· WHITEWASH Act like a white person
· WHIZ Talented person
· WHO World Health Organization
· WHOA Expression of surprise, Slow down
· WHPH Work Hard, Play Hard
· WHS What He Said
· WHT What
· WHUT What
· WHYB Where Have You Been?
· WHYD What Have You Done?
· WIA Wounded In Action
· WIBNI Wouldn’t It Be Nice If
· WIC Women, Infants and Children, World in Conflict (game)
· WICKED Very, extremely, Cool, great
· WID With
· WIDOW same as WW
· WIF With
· WIFEY Serious girlfriend, wife material
· WIFF With
· WIFI Wireless Fidelity, wireless internet
· WIGGER White person pretending to be black
· WIGO What Is Going On?
· WII Nintendo Game Console
· WIIFM What’s In It For Me
· WIKI Collaborative web site
· WIKTT When I Kissed the Teacher
· WILCO Will Comply
· WILTW What I Learned This Week
· WIMP Weak, cowardly person
· WING MAN Person who looks out for you
· WINRAR Winner
· WIP Work In Progress
· WIR When It’s Ready
· WIRED High on stimulants, Online
· WIT With
· WITH Where In The Hell
· WITW What In The World
· WIUWY What Is Up With You?
· WIV With
· WIWT What I Wore Today, Wish I Was There
· WIWWU Wish I Was With You
· WIWWY What Is Wrong With You?
· WIX same as WICKED
· WIYP What Is Your Problem?
· WJD What Jesus Did
· WK White Knight
· WKD Wicked
· WKND Weekend
· WKS Well Kept Secret
· WKYP Will Keep You Posted
· WLAN Wireless LAN
· WLD Would
· WLM Windows Live Messenger
· WLTM Would Like To Meet
· WLYB Who Loves You Baby
· WLYK Will Let You Know
· WM Woman Marine
· WMA Windows Media Audio
· WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction
· WMF Wagging My Finger
· WMG Warner Music Group
· WMJ Wat maak jy? (Afrikaans – what are you doing?)
· WML Wish Me Luck
· WMMOWS Wash My Mouth Out With Soap!
· WMP Windows Media Player, With Much Pleasure
· WMV Windows Media Video
· WMYB What Makes You Beautiful
· WN Why Not?, What’s New?
· WNDITWB We Never Did It This Way Before
· WNL Within Normal Limits
· WNOHGB Where No One Has Gone Before
· WNTT We Need To Talk
· WNWY What’s New With You?
· WOAH misspelling of WHOA
· WOAT Worst Of All Time
· WOB Waste Of Bandwith
· WOC Women of Color
· WOE What On Earth
· WOF While On Fire
· WOG Offensive term for a black person, A foreigner
· WOLS Slow
· WOM Women Over Mates
· WOMBAT Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time
· WOMP Low bass sound
· WONGA Money
· WONK Expert
· WONKY Weird, not right
· WOO HOO Expression of excitement
· WOOK Dirty hippy
· WOOSE same as WUSS
· WOOT Hurrah (Wow, Loot!), Want One Of Those
· WOP Offensive term for an Italian
· WOR Our
· WORD Ok, I agree, hey
· WORD UP OK, I agree
· WORDS Response to something you don’t care about
· WORM Malicious computer program
· WOS Waste Of Space, Wife Over Shoulder
· WOT What
· WOTAM Waste of Time and Money
· WOTCHER What are you up to? WU?
· WOTD Word Of The Day
· WOTLK Wrath Of The Lich King (WOW)
· WOTS Word On The Street
· WOW World Of Warcraft
· WOWZER Exaggerated Wow
· WOZ Was
· WP Wrong Person, Well Played
· WPA Wi-Fi Protected Access
· WPM Words Per Minute
· WPW Misspelling of ‘wow’
· WPWW White Pride World Wide
· WR Warm Regards
· WRT With Regard To
· WRU Where Are You?
· WRUD What Are You Doing?
· WRUTA What Are You Talking About?
· WRYD What Are You Doing?
· WRYTA What Are You Talking About?
· WSA Wow, Strong Arms
· WSIC Why Should I Care?
· WSM Woman Seeking Man
· WSP What’s up?
· WSS Why So Serious?
· WST We’re Still Friends
· WSUL Will See You Later
· WSWTA What Shall We Talk About?
· WT What
· WT? What The …? or Who the …?
· WTA Winner Takes All
· WTB Want To Buy
· WTBS With That Being Said
· WTC World Trade Center, What The Crap
· WTD What The Deuce?
· WTDT What To Do Today
· WTDTA Where They Do That At?
· WTFT What The French Toast (polite WTF)
· WTG Way To Go
· WTGP Way To Go, Partner
· WTGP? Want To Go Private?
· WTH What/Where/Who The Hell
· WTHAY Who The Hell Are You?
· WTHC Who The Hell Cares?
· WTHIGO What The Hell Is Going On?
· WTHIT What The Hell Is That?
· WTHIWWY What The Hell Is Wrong With You?
· WTHN Why The Heck Not?
· WTHRU Who The Hell Are You?
· WTII What time Is It?
· WTK Want To Know
· WTL Will Talk Later
· WTLW Welcome To Last Week
· WTM What’s The Matter?
· WTMI Way Too Much Information
· WTML Welcome To My Life
· WTMW Welcome To My World
· WTO World Trade Organization
· WTP What’s The Point?
· WTT Want To Trade
· WTTC Welcome To The club
· WTTIR When The Time Is Right
· WTTJ Welcome To The Jungle
· WTTM Without Thinking Too Much
· WTV Whatever
· WTW Walk Through Walls (gaming), Walk this Way
· WTY Why, Thank You
· WTYO Whatever Turns You On
· WU What’s Up
· WUA What You At?
· WUB Love
· WUBU What You Been Up to?
· WUBU2 What Have You Been Up To?
· WUCIWUG What You See Is What You Get
· WUD What You Doing?
· WUF Where are you from?
· WUG What You Got?, Where You Going?
· WUGOWM Will You Go Out With Me?
· WUH What?
· WUL Watched User List
· WULA What’re you Looking At?
· WULLNP Wishing You Long Life And Prosperity
· WUM Woman, Wind-Up Merchant
· WUN Bye
· WUP What
· WUS Wimp
· WUSS Wimp, coward
· WUT What
· WUU2 What are You Up To?
· WUUP2 What are You Up To?
· WUUT same as WUU2
· WUV Love
· WUW What You Want?
· WUWCB What do You Want to Chat about?
· WUWH Wish You Were Here
· WUWT What’s Up With That
· WUWTA What You Wanna Talk About?
· WUWTB What You Wanna Talk ‘Bout?
· WUWU What’s Up With You?
· WUZ Was
· WW White Widow (strong marijuana), White Woman
· WW1 World War One
· WW2 World War Two
· WWA Wiggers with attitude
· WWBD What Would Batman Do?
· WWCND What Would Chuck Norris Do?
· WWE World Wrestling Entertainment
· WWF World Wildlife Fund, World Wrestling Federation (now WWE)
· WWIC Why Would I Care?
· WWIT What Was I Thinking?
· WWJBD What Would Jason Bourne Do?
· WWJD What Would Jesus Do?
· WWJP What Would Jesus Post?
· WWOTW Wicked Witch Of The West
· WWTBAM Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
· WWU Where Were You?
· WWW World Wide Web
· WWWY What’s Wrong With You?
· WWY Where Were You?
· WWYD What Would You Do?
· WWYDT Why Would You Do That?
· WY Why, Would You
· WYA Where You At?
· WYATB Wish You All The Best
· WYB Watch Your Back
· WYBD What’ve You Been Doing?
· WYBMV Will You Be My Valentine?
· WYCM Will You Call Me?
· WYD What You Doing?
· WYDN What You Doing Now?
· WYF What’s Your Favorite …?
· WYG What You Get
· WYGOWM Will You Go Out With Me?
· WYK Would You Kindly
· WYL Whatever You Like
· WYLABOCTGWTR Would You Like A Bowl Of Cream To Go With That Remark?
· WYLASOMWTC Would You Like A Saucer Of Milk With That Comment?
· WYLION Whether You Like It Or Not
· WYLSCWTW Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?
· WYLT What You Listening To?
· WYM Watch Your Mouth, What You Mean?
· WYMM Will You Marry Me?
· WYN What’s Your Name?
· WYP What’s Your Problem?, What’s Your Point?
· WYR Would You Rather
· WYS What You Said
· WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
· WYTA What You Talking About?
· WYUT What You Up To
· WYW Whatever You Want
· WYWH Wish You Were Here
· WYWTA What You Wanna Talk About
· W^ What’s up