“Z” Slang Words

· ZA Pizza
· ZAIN Beautiful (Arabic)
· ZECH Energy, life
· ZED Zombie
· ZERG Defeat enemy by outnumbering rather than strategy or skill
· ZIG ZAG Cigarette paper
· ZILCH Nothing, zero
· ZIMBO Person from Zimbabwe
· ZING Owned
· ZIP Ounce of marijauna
· ZIT Spot, pimple
· ZOMB Zombie
· ZOMFG OMFG (hit Z instead of Shift key)
· ZOMG Same as OMG
· ZONG BONG with a Z shaped tube
· ZONKED Very tired or inebriated
· ZOOT Spliff, joint
· ZOOTED High on drugs
· ZTA Zeta Tau Alpha
· ZUP What’s up?
· ZUT Damn it (French)
· ZZZ Sleepy, bored or tired